How To: Schedule sitelinks extensions in Adwords Editor

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As a paid search manager you might have worked on a retail campaign that needs constant sitelink extension updates due to ever changing promotions.

This can be frustrating so today I will ease your frustrations and show you an easy way to schedule sitelink extensions so you can go on with the rest of you day.

Before you do anything on Adwords editor make sure you fetch all recent updates from the account. I tend to always fetch “More data (Slower)” but if you prefer you can go with the faster basic option or choose to schedule the fetch.

You then hover to the left side of the Adwords Editor console under Manage to find Sitelinks. If you are updating shared sitelinks then go to Shared library and go to  Shared sitelinks

Manage > Ad extensions > Sitelinks

Shared Library

To schedule a sitelink simply highlight the sitelink on the main console, on the bottom console you will be able to enter a start and end date for your sitelink.

That’s all you need to do, if any questions just leave a comment or send me a linkedin message.

Happy Sitelink scheduling!

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024