Location Search Engine Optimisation for Sterling RISQ

About the client

Sterling RISQ one of the leading global providers of background checks and identify services. The company operates within the vital sectors such as large-scale organisations, hospitals, schools and infrastructure operations. Among Sterling’s clients are businesses and governments seeking background checks and identity verifications.

Sterling RISQ service offerings inform hiring decisions, personnel and business intelligence via advanced technological applications.

The challenge

The client provides a range of security verification software and API services for transnational B2B and Government Clients globally. Their websites exist as independent domains for each respective region with domains for USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific, the UK and EU.

Our primary focus for this client was the APAC domain was to enhance the performance of the new domain https://www.sterlingrisq.com/

The initial scope and challenge was to retain site, brand and link equity through the migration process as well as expand organic visibility to 15+ APAC countries by building specific pages mapped towards a location to improve organic performance within the desired region.

Simultaneously Metric Labs’ next key challenge was to prevent organic traffic cannibalisation from the emerging APAC domain by other regional domains.
Beyond this, a vital challenge was to differentiate these separate regional pages with incredibly similar keyword usage, similar service offerings whilst operating at different stages of market penetration accessed via different organic user queries and terminology.


Scope of work


SEO Migration Strategy & Implementation.


SEO Technical and Structural Audit


Customer Profiling and Keyword Mapping


Site Restructure and hierarchy modification


SEO Metadata Schema Creation and Mapping


New Location Pages & Terminology Recommendations and Implementation

Our solution

Our initial phase and engagement required executing a migration strategy from a prior domain and ensuring the migration of site equity.

Once the new site was live Metric Labs delivered an on-site structural audit which revealed a wealth of opportunities to tailor various sections of the site into location and region specific pages.

The proposal recommended using regional search data (from specific countries in Asia-Pacific region), customer persona data and bespoke content tailored to match each location region.

The implementation included regional markup data as well as bespoke on-page content and modification upon the folder hierarchy.

These new location pages, content and structural changes were implemented and accelerated the performance of the new APAC domain and more specifically within numerous locations.

Link building and technical monitoring were executed to enhance the overall growth and performance within each specific APAC region.

Our continuous communication with client-side stakeholders meant that we received real-time updates on product offerings, allowing for continued optimisation and monitoring as the project implementation continues.


Below are the organic APAC traffic results achieved for the client:

Based on a 6-month comparison period over August 2019 – January 2020.

CountryOrganic clicksOrganic impressions
Hong Kong+252%+356%

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