Maximising Website Performance with Google Analytics 4: A Performance Optimisation Guide
Nov 21 2023 | by Vincent

What is Website Performance? Before we get into how Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can optimise your website or digital product’s performance, it’s important to define performance. When discussing website...

Unveiling the New Reporting Capabilities in Google Analytics 4
Oct 6 2023 | by Vincent

How Does Reporting Work in Google Analytics 4? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reporting uses a new event-based data model that is more flexible and adaptable to the changing needs...

The Role of Google Analytics 4 in Data Privacy and Compliance: What You Need to Know
Sep 19 2023 | by Vincent

As global data regulations tighten and consumer awareness of data rights grows, companies must be proactive toward privacy or face stiff penalties and reputation damage. Google Analytics 4 can...

An Overview of Predictive Metrics in GA4
Jul 26 2023 | by Vincent

As a marketer, staying ahead of your customers’ needs and delivering what they want before they even realise it is the ultimate goal. Predictive metrics, a new feature in...

Visualising data with Google Data Studio
Jun 19 2023 | by Vincent

Why is Data Visualisation Important? Data visualisation plays a crucial role in today’s data-driven world as it acts as a bridge between raw data and human comprehension. By presenting...

What is BigQuery and how does it work?
May 29 2023 | by Vincent

With the ongoing shift toward Google Analytics 4 across the internet, Google’s BigQuery has also started to step into the spotlight. But unless you are a data engineer or...

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