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Seeking methods to amplify your digital impact? Welcome to Metric Labs, the key player in advancing online performance through comprehensive Google Analytics audits. Whether you’re exploring the capabilities of GA4 or fine-tuning your current setup, our specialised services prioritise precision in data, reliability in insights, and strategic decision-making.

Who Can Benefit:

Metric Labs’ Google Analytics audits cater to a diverse audience, including individuals, companies, agencies, and consultants. Whether you’re managing new GA4 properties or fine-tuning established ones, our expertise, especially in seamless integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM), makes our audits indispensable for those seeking a comprehensive analysis of their online analytics.

Key Data Auditing Functions:

Ensuring Data Quality is like tending to the heart of effective data management. In the world of data auditing, it’s about carefully spotting inaccuracies and figuring out why they happen. This function gives organisations the power to fix issues, making sure the data that guides important decisions is spot-on. Creating a culture of accuracy in data helps build trust in the information we rely on.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance is crucial, especially with today’s complex rules. Data auditing helps organisations follow corporate, industry, and government regulations by digging deep into where, how, and how securely data is used. By closely examining data practices, organisations show they’re playing by the rules, guarding against legal and reputation risks.

The Big Picture? Improving Operations is the ultimate goal of data auditing, touching every part of an organisation. From sales and marketing to customer service and HR, data auditing works to boost data quality in all operational areas. When everyday activities are fueled by accurate and relevant data, organisations run smoother, making processes more efficient.

These three functions paint a clear picture of why data auditing is a powerhouse in maintaining a strong and effective data setup. Taking a proactive stance on data quality, regulatory compliance, and operational improvement isn’t just about avoiding pitfalls. It’s about unlocking the real potential of data for smart decision-making and sustainable growth.

Questions that Data Auditing Answers:

Data auditing answers a range of critical questions related to data, uncovering issues, reinforcing compliance, and supporting strategic uses of data. Here are some key questions that data auditing addresses:

  • What data is being collected?

This question focuses on understanding the types of data that an organisation is actively collecting, providing clarity for further analysis and decision-making.

  • Should other data be collected?

Evaluates the necessity of additional data collection, aligning data practices with organisational goals and objectives.

  • Is unnecessary data being collected?

Identifies and addresses redundant or irrelevant data, streamlining data collection processes for efficiency.

  • Where is data stored?

Provides insight into the physical or virtual locations where data is stored, ensuring compliance with security and accessibility standards.

  • Does data storage meet operational and regulatory requirements?

Assesses the adequacy of data storage infrastructure, confirming alignment with both operational needs and regulatory standards.

  • Are the appropriate data protection systems in place?

Ensures that robust security measures are implemented to safeguard sensitive data against unauthorised access or breaches.

  • Has a lifecycle been defined for data, including an “end of life” date?

Establishes clear guidelines for the lifespan of data, including protocols for secure disposal or archiving when data is no longer needed.

  • Have functions been assigned to all data elements?

Ensures that each data element serves a specific purpose, eliminating redundancy and enhancing organisational efficiency.

  • Has data been appropriately classified?

Classifies data based on its sensitivity and importance, guiding appropriate security and access protocols.

  • What is the process for honoring a request to delete data?

Defines a systematic process for honoring requests to delete data, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Metric Labs' Edge in Google Analytics Audits:

  • GA4 Implementation: Our proficiency lies in navigating the complexities of GA4 implementation. We ensure that your setup aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of your business, maximising the potential of the platform.
  • Audit Google Analytics for Optimal Data Accuracy: Data accuracy is paramount. Metric Labs’ meticulous approach to auditing Google Analytics guarantees that your tracking codes, configurations, and data integrity are thoroughly examined, providing you with confidence in the accuracy of your analytics data.
  • Utilisation of Google Analytics Audit Templates: We employ advanced audit templates tailored to the nuances of GA4, ensuring a systematic and thorough analysis. This strategic approach allows us to uncover insights that matter most to your business.
  • Comprehensive Content Marketing Audit GA4: Beyond standard analytics, our services extend to a comprehensive content marketing audit for GA4. This holistic perspective provides a deeper understanding of how your content strategies align with overall business objectives.
  • Dedication to Aligning GA4 Setup Checklist with Business Objectives: We understand that every business is unique. Our commitment lies in aligning the GA4 setup checklist with your specific business objectives, ensuring that the configuration supports your strategic goals.

Key Google Analytics Features Examined:

  • Time zone is set up correctly
  • Currency is set up correctly
  • Bot filtering enabled
  • Site search enabled
  • Google Ads accounts linked
  • Google Search Console account created
  • GTM account set up
  • Conversions set up
  • Checkout funnel goals set up
  • Relevant IP filters set up
  • Hostname filters added
  • Lower case campaign, medium, and source filters added
  • Self-referrals excluded
  • Data retention settings
  • Payment gateway referrals excluded
  • Calculated metrics configured
  • Custom channel groupings set up

Why Choose Metric Labs:

  • Precision in Data Collection: Our focus on tracking codes, configurations, and data integrity guarantees accurate analytics data, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.
  • Strategic Insights for Campaign Optimisation: Our analytics expertise extends to thorough tracking, attribution, and user behaviour analysis. These insights empower you to optimise marketing campaigns effectively, improving overall campaign effectiveness, channel performance, and conversion funnel dynamics.
  • Enhanced User Experience and Conversion Rates: Our GA4 audits provide valuable insights into user behaviour, engagement, and conversion paths. By analysing user flows, session durations, and behaviour patterns, we identify areas for improvement, optimising websites or apps to enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Navigating the GA4 Transition with Metric Labs:

  • Urgency of Seamless Transition: With Universal Analytics support ending in July 2023, the urgency to transition to GA4 cannot be overstated. Metric Labs ensures a seamless transition, avoiding the loss of access to Universal Analytics data.
  • Leveraging GA4’s Customisation: GA4’s high customisation is a game-changer. Metric Labs guides you in utilising this feature to gain control over navigation, custom reporting, and event tracking, tailoring the analytics platform to your unique business needs.
  • Improved Analytics Capabilities: Transitioning to GA4 unlocks improved analytics capabilities. Metric Labs ensures you fully leverage these enhancements for a clearer understanding of your digital marketing strategies.

Metric Labs' Approach to Google Analytics Audits:

  • Periodic Checks for Digital Health: Google Analytics audits, akin to periodic checks, ensure the health and maintenance of your online presence. Metric Labs conducts regular audits, guaranteeing that your analytics configuration aligns with your business goals and evolves with industry trends.
  • Advisory for GA4 Setup: Even if you haven’t made the GA4 transition, Metric Labs recommends auditing your Universal Analytics setup. This proactive step allows you to note customisations, facilitating a seamless transition when you decide to make the switch.

Choose Metric Labs for Digital Thriving:

Metric Labs is not just an agency; we are your trusted ally in steering your business towards digital success. Our transformative Google Analytics audits, designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensure that your online presence not only survives but thrives in the dynamic digital landscape. Opt for Metric Labs and unlock the full potential of your online analytics.
Why Data Auditing is Needed:
Data auditing is fundamental to all data-related activities, providing organisations with insights into the location, quality, security, usage, and efficacy of their data for operations and analytics.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4?

Universal Analytics accommodates five goal types: destination, duration, pages/session, smart goals, and event goals. On the contrary, GA4 exclusively supports conversion events. It might not always be feasible to replicate certain UA goal types with precision using GA4 conversion events.

What is the difference between events and conversions in GA4?

Events track user interactions, while conversions refer to the completion of specific goals. Events are broader and can include various interactions, while conversions are typically tied to business objectives.

What kind of tracking set up should we have?

Generally, we suggest using Google Tag Manager to manage your marketing tags and tracking. It helps to make tracking setups easy and allows for quick changes to be made. From Google Tag Manager, we can send data and conversions to other services like Google Analytics or Google Ads.

How do I get started with data analytics?

Getting started is simple. Just email us hello@metriclabs.com.au or call us on 02 9160 0711 .

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