Enhancing GA Insights and Conversion Tracking for Powerhouse Museum

About the client

Located in Sydney, the Powerhouse is Australia’s largest museum group, featuring dynamic exhibitions spanning science, technology, design, and innovation.

The challenge

The existing Google Analytics (GA) configuration lacks a unified perspective on customer behavior across various web properties. This is because different assets are measured separately in distinct GA properties, leading to challenges in properly attributing actions. The legacy website poses difficulties for their internal team to fully comprehend intricate conversion events. Additionally, the absence of unified reporting across all assets compounds the issue, making it challenging for the organisation to gain comprehensive insights and optimise digital strategies effectively.

Dashboard Example

Our solution

We started by conducting interviews with various teams to gain a deeper insight into each teams’ role and their knowledge about the current web properties. Following this, we ran several crawls and performed audits on the web properties to get a better understanding of their complexity. This research was meticulously documented, and we created a comprehensive outline of all the assets we discovered. Based on Powerhouse’s tracking priorities, we formulated a measurement plan. We then implemented the necessary conversion tracking, all consolidated within the same Google Tag Manager (GTM) container. This allowed for cross-domain tracking across all web properties. Finally, we developed a unified reporting system that enabled cross-domain attribution for both campaigns and hostnames.

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024