Month: September 2022

September 29, 2022

Measure form interactions automatically

Google Analytics now provides a new enhanced measurement option for Form interactions to help you measure how users interact with and submit forms on your website. These events are collected when the new measurement option is enabled:

  • form_start displays the first interaction with a form by a user
  • form_submit displays when a form is submitted

All newly created web data streams are automatically enabled with the new option. If you already have a web data stream, you can turn this on by navigating to Enhanced Measurement.  Learn more here.

September 14, 2022

Make the most of Analytics with recommendations

Take advantage of new, relevant features as they become available with Google Analytics’ tailored recommendations. Using Google Analytics, Google finds recommendations by looking at your property’s history, settings, and trends.

Google Analytics displays recommendations in the Insights & Recommendations section of the Home page and contextually throughout the website at the top and to the right of relevant pages. As an example, you may now see the following recommendation to link your Google Ads account to get more detailed attribution data and bid on your Analytics conversions.

You might not see any recommendations if your property recently started running, but be sure to check back again soon. Google Analytics regularly discovers and launches new recommendations for you.

September 1, 2022

Changes to the Search Queries threshold in Google Analytics

The Google Ads Search Queries report in Universal Analytics and Google Ads queries in Google Analytics 4 have been updated to meet a higher privacy threshold. In order to ensure user anonymity, these thresholds only report on terms with sufficient Google search volume. With Google Analytics 4, you’ll now see metrics that match your Google Ads reports more accurately. With this update, Universal Analytics will report search query terms differently than Google Ads reports due to differences in data models.

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