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At Metric Labs, we value having a team with diverse backgrounds, skills and hobbies to help us better understand our clients and traverse an ever evolving world. On weekdays, we are data analysts, marketers and developers. On weekends, we are artists, entrepreneurs, jugglers, musicians, foodies and trivia team members.

We’re geeky – in a good way.

Vincent Maneno

Vincent is an award winning entrepreneur with a background in mathematics and finance. He loves all aspects of digital especially PPC. He also enjoys diving, soccer and has way too many cups of tea during work.

Stephen Murphy

Stephen has a strong background in data, eBusiness & internet governance. Stephen’s 10 year career spans Search Optimisation from granular to the global level. He also enjoys cryptocurrency trading, drinks copious amounts of Cà Phê Đen Đá không Đường and plays for an indie band!

Mark Shepherd

Mark is our dedicated sales manager whose main mission is to understand clients needs and business goals. With over 15 years of sales experience, his consultative approach will give you confidence you are in safe hands. Originally from England, he insists that the perfect cup of tea needs the bag left in for at least 2 minutes and just a splash of milk.

Dominic Argente

Dom is a software developer who also likes to write. He has worked previously in online media and education where he did a bit of both. He likes his tea without milk and his coffee cold.

Luci Fang

Luci has an academic background in marketing management, specialising in social media and content marketing. Outside of work, she is a content creator.  She enjoys a soy cappuccino with extra cocoa powder in the AM and a espresso martini in the PM.

Wayne Foo

Wayne has an academic background in Business Information Systems and is enthusiastic when it comes to numbers and analytics. Outside of work, you can find him on the basketball court or fishing for fishes to eat. He enjoys a flat white with no sugar and must be extremely hot.

Michael Richards

Michael loves technology and data. He has a background in customer success, digital marketing & analytics. Originally from New Zealand, he enjoys a flat white & puppuccino over brunch with his dog Gimli.

Justin Weng

Justin has a double degree in Information Systems and Commerce with a strong passion for numbers and data analytics. Outside of workhours, he is a regular at the gym or going for drives with friends. He enjoys two protein shakes per day.

Jack Kennedy

Jack has an academic background in digital marketing with a strong passion for everything PPC related. Originally from Ireland and a former professional soccer player, Jack loves a strong cappuccino and the occasional Guinness.

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