Tracking User Journey Sessions for Australian Property Institute

About the client

Our client is a leading and contemporary membership organisation for property professionals.

The challenge

Australian Property Institute faced some challenges in tracking user journeys/sessions across multiple platforms and authentication walls, as well as ecommerce tracking across non-linear funnel across multiple platforms. Additionally, they needed to fix cross-platform attribution issues.

Scope of work

Our solution

To address these challenges, we implemented a solution that involved attributing portal memberships to LMS event purchases, as well as establishing cross-domain and cross-portal data flows. We also provided comprehensive reporting to ensure that our client could gain valuable insights into their users’ behavior and preferences.


Our team’s efforts have led to a significant improvement in tracking accuracy, with attribution rates increasing by over 30% thanks to our implementation of cross-domain tracking. This means that more sessions are now being correctly assigned to the right channel, resulting in a more accurate representation of user behavior.

In addition, we were able to improve revenue tracking in the client’s LMS system, which has allowed for more accurate measurement of event enrollments and courses sold to property managers. Prior to our involvement, this tracking system was not set up, resulting in a 100% improvement since working with us.

We also recommended several technical changes to the client’s infrastructure in order to reduce complexity and improve tracking accuracy. As a result, the client is now deploying more consolidated systems that will significantly enhance the user experience and improve measurement capabilities.

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