The Impact of Poor Data Governance on Business Performance
Jun 11 2024 | by Vincent

Effective data governance frameworks help organisations manage data by ensuring accuracy, consistency, and protection. Businesses can enhance their data quality and support strategic decision-making by implementing clear policies and...

Building a Solid Data Foundation
Feb 5 2024 | by Vincent

At the heart of every data-savvy organisation lies a solid data foundation. Navigating the complexities of data management in the modern business environment is challenging but essential. This article...

The Role of Google Analytics 4 in Data Privacy and Compliance: What You Need to Know
Sep 19 2023 | by Vincent

As global data regulations tighten and consumer awareness of data rights grows, companies must be proactive toward privacy or face stiff penalties and reputation damage. Google Analytics 4 can...

What is the Privacy Sandbox?
Jan 13 2023 | by Vincent

Google is under pressure on many fronts to find a third-party cookie alternative. Users are demanding more privacy. Legislators are constantly revising laws to protect privacy. Alphabet shareholders expect Google...

What is the future of cookies or is it the end?
Jan 13 2023 | by Vincent

What is a Cookie? A cookie is a tracking file sent to your browser from the websites you visit. This file lets website owners track visitors’ browsing habits, for...

The reason behind slow adoption from server to server
Nov 29 2022 | by Vincent

What is Client-Side Tracking? Before we define server-side tracking (server-to-server tracking), it’s important to understand client-side tracking. Client-side tracking is the traditional way of collecting and analysing user data....

How mature is your Google Analytics 4 set up?