GA4 Migration across 12 Brands for Mosaic

About the client

Our client is Mosaic, the company manages multiple fashion brands with over 1,100 stores nationwide. Each brand has separate websites for Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The challenge

Mosaic needed to migrate to GA4 across their 12 brands, which presented significant challenges due to each brand’s separate websites across different countries. Users were also purchasing across multiple domains, leading to broken attribution across brands. Additionally, there was a lack of centralised reporting across all brands, making it difficult for management to quickly assess overall performance.

Translation example

Our solution

Our team conducted extensive research to better understand the data structures across all domains. We employed GTM and data layer variables to translate UA’s ecommerce structure into GA4’s ecommerce structure allowing for consistent parameter translation at scale. We also configured cross-domain tracking across all different domains, enabling accurate attribution for the client.

Finally, we created an overview report for all brands, as well as individual brand reports across the group, providing management with a unified report to quickly and easily review performance.


Our implementation of centralised and automated reporting has led to a reduction in reporting team timeframes by over 60%. This streamlined approach has allowed for more efficient reporting processes and freed up valuable time for other important tasks.

Additionally, our improved cross-brand attribution capabilities have provided better identification of traffic coming from within the group of brands. This has allowed our client to gain a deeper understanding of their customer base and make more informed decisions about marketing strategies.

We also implemented automated reports that link offline sales with online purchases, which has greatly improved tracking visibility and reduced additional reporting time. It was estimated that prior to our involvement, up to $250,000 per month in offline revenue tracking was misattributed. Our solution has helped to ensure that accurate tracking and reporting is now in place.

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