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Measurement strategy, data analytics, data visualisation, tag management, data engineering

Analysing your performance, customers and data is the simplest way to enhance your business performance.

At Metric Labs we use robust tracking frameworks and data science techniques to give you a complete and accurate view of your business’ performance. We then meld that data with business and strategic thinking to identify new opportunities for you to exploit.

We are experts in all aspects of analytics, from measurement framework development, analytics implementation, attribution modelling, advanced segmentation to data visualisation. We will work with you to maximise the value of your data so you can consistently make informed decisions.


Measurement Strategy Consulting

Translate your business objectives into metrics and dimensions that can be measured on your website.

A measurement strategy provides a framework for a customised web analytics configuration and forms a vital part of your broader digital marketing strategy.

Measurement strategy services:

Data Analytics

Optimise your product strategy and marketing by leveraging customer data through data analytics.

Data analytics is the science of analysing data to generate insights and help businesses optimise their performance. It is a continual cycle of gathering, cleaning, and analysing data. Through mathematical modelling, insights can be generated to power business decisions.

Data Analytics services:

Data Visualisation

Optimise your product strategy and marketing by leveraging customer data through data analytics.

With the continuous increase in the quantity of data we generate and consume, there is a corresponding rise in the necessity to comprehend and take action based on that data. When created efficiently, data-powered dashboards offer immediate access to your essential performance indicators, displayed in a comprehensible layout.

At Metric Labs, we simplify complex data by visualising it into easily digestible snapshots, helping you comprehend essential performance indicators.

Data Visualisation Benefits:

Tag Management Services

Streamline your analytics, ad platform and third-party vendor tracking with Metric Labs Tag Management Services.

Whether you are looking for end-to-end tag management deployment, tag manager audits or ongoing maintenance our team of experts can help you achieve your tracking goals.

Tag Management services:

Data Engineering consulting

Cutting-edge data integration tools and advanced data engineering techniques simplify and speed up data preparation for analytics. These tools efficiently clean, transform, and integrate data from various sources, ensuring seamless combination for analytics.

Let’s discuss your data engineering needs to determine strategies and tools for streamlined data processes, as well as optimising your data readiness for insights and analytics.

Data Engineering services:

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