Tag Management Services

Metric Labs’ Tag Management Services can help you increase the efficiency and accuracy of your digital tracking efforts. Our comprehensive solutions are here to streamline your analytics, ad platform, and third-party vendor tracking processes, resulting in consistent data collection and analysis across your digital properties.

Whether you require end-to-end tag management deployment, meticulous tag manager audits, or ongoing maintenance support, our team of experienced professionals is fully prepared to meet your tracking needs.

Elevate your tracking management with Metric Labs - Embrace a data-driven future. Find out how we can help your business.

Technologies and tools

Building comprehensive digital measurement strategy tools can be daunting without the right tools and technologies.

Let our expert consultants guide you in selecting the optimal tools for your specific measurement strategy. Streamline your measurement framework, enhance data accuracy and put in place the right data governance and continuity workflows to deliver reliable data to your business faster and more efficiently.

Tag Management services

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Google Tag Manager Services

Metric Labs specialises in delivering end-to-end Google Tag Manager solutions for your business. We provide comprehensive support, including Google Tag Manager installation, dataLayer design and configuration, as well as tag, trigger, and variable setup and management.

Our services include:
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • DataLayer Design and Configuration
  • Custom variable creation
  • Tag Configuration
  • Trigger development.
  • Ongoing management
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Audit, maintenance & Advanced features

Metric Labs offers assistance in auditing your existing tags, pinpointing any issues with your current setup, and providing additional advice on tracking efficiency and advanced tagging techniques.

Benefits of advanced tag management include:
  • Expedited deployment of tags across complex environments
  • Cost reduction by empowering non-technical resources to deploy tags
  • Site performance optimisation
  • Flexible tag deployment to mitigate vendor lock-in
  • Enhanced data collection through a structured data layer
  • Rapid implementation of third-party tools

Client testimonials


“I have worked with Vincent from Metric Labs for over 5 years now.

Over the years we have seen our organic visibility and revenue grow by over 170% with our paid search growing over 600% making us the leading police check vendor in Australia.

The team at Metric Labs is also diligent, responsive and really pleasant to work with"

Martin Lazarevic

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“It comes down to integrity and the ability to deliver that would define the Metric Labs team.

In this forever evolving digital landscape, Metric Labs is always coming up with clever ways to stay ahead of the curve and get cut-through in this saturated space.

If you are in need of an amazing digital agency, you really don’t need to look any further than Metric Labs.”

Lauren Earl

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“We have worked with Metric Labs on building our digital marketing presence. We’ve found the team extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.

They have helped us to grow our leads by a significant amount and were always in contact about campaign activities.

The team also provided us with invaluable reporting and insight into our campaigns, which allowed us to regularly iterate and improve to consistently meet our objectives.”

Stephanie Lay

Good Capital Group

Happy Clients


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Frequently asked questions

What is GTM?

GTM stands for Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that enables swift and simple updates of measurement codes and associated code fragments, known as tags, across your website or mobile app. Once you integrate the compact Tag Manager code into your project, you can securely deploy analytics and measurement tag configurations through a user-friendly web interface. user-friendly web interface.

What is a Tag?

A tag is a small piece of code that runs on a webpage or mobile application. Tags have diverse functions, but within tag management systems, they are primarily crafted to transmit measurement data from your website to a third party.

What are Triggers in GTM?

Within Google Tag Manager, tags are triggered by specific events, such as form submissions or video playback. Triggers are responsible for detecting these events and determining when a tag should be activated or prevented from firing.


What are Variables in GTM?

In programming, a variable serves as a placeholder for a value that may change over time. Similarly, in Tag Manager, a variable fulfils this role. Variables play essential roles in both triggers and tags:

Triggers utilise variables to establish criteria for when a particular tag should activate. For instance, triggering a pageview tag when the URL variable matches “example.com/index.html.”
Tags employ variables to capture dynamic data. For example, capturing and applying transaction values and purchased products to a key events tag.
Each Tag Manager container includes a set of commonly used built-in variables. Additionally, users can create custom variables tailored to their specific needs.

Why use GTM?

Google Tag Manager simplifies tag management by centralising tracking codes, allowing for easy deployment, and providing flexible configuration options. It includes version control, built-in templates, and debugging tools, as well as seamless integration with Google products for more efficient data analysis.

In summary, GTM enables users to efficiently manage tracking and analytics, which benefits developers, marketers, and businesses.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Just email us hello@metriclabs.com.au or call us on 02 9160 0711 .

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