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Stay on top of your video marketing game. Partner with a clever YouTube advertising agency in Sydney.

A clever YouTube Ad agency

Metric Labs is one of the clever video advertising agencies in Sydney that can help you gain an edge over your competitors. We are a data driven digital marketing agency that relies on the latest strategies and tools to help you deliver your top YouTube advertising game.

We cater to companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and help them get the best possible ROI from their video marketing campaigns- mainly, YouTube marketing. We use a combination of statistics, maths, exceptional business acumen & tech to deliver results that matter.  

YouTube features we like

YouTube is the most popular video advertising platform, with 2 million active users monthly. Video is the king of digital content. Creating stunning video ads and constructing effective marketing strategies around it, is an art. Creative and high quality ads containing rich video content coupled with the right strategy can make your brand stand out. Partner with Metric Labs to help you create your YouTube Video marketing A-game.

Some of the top level features of this video marketing platform we capitalise on include :

  • Reach :  around 2 million monthly users
  • High rate of engagement
  • YouTube video ads boost SEO
  • Scope of Targeting-topic, categorisation, keyword
  • Re-marketing Video campaigns
  • Customisation for ads to meet goals
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Measuring results : YouTube Analytics
  • Ad Variety : True View, Pre-Roll, Bumper 
  • Choice of networks

Apart from the top level features, we are also learning and trying out some exciting new features like Instant Review, Augmented Reality (Try on) Advertisement feature, Masthead Ads. 

YouTube campaign structure

Campaign structure

  • Consistent Nomenclature
  • Topic/Goal Separation
  • YouTube Search/ YouTube Video separation (including display Network  settings)
  • Performance Separation (after performance section Audit)
  • Combined budgets (if necessary)
  • Daily budgets’ consistency

Video ads

  • Ads scheduling
  • A/B testing
  •  YouTube Analytics Ad performance

Ad Group structure

  • Ad group naming by type : In-stream, in-display, re-marketing
  • Location Targeting
  • Keyword targeting : In-display ads
  • Audiences/Ad Targeting 
  • Bidding effectiveness with CPV/max CPV/target CPM


  • Google creative guidelines adherence
  • Adherence to Creators guidelines.
  • Ad creative and hypothesis set up

Our YouTube advertising strategies

Being a smart Paid Search advertising agency , Metric Labs realises that a robust campaign structure is the key to paid advertising success. We make sure that we have a strong campaign structure at the very start.

  • We are a data driven digital marketing agency. We use the power of data to drill down on metrics to analyse and build the best custom strategy.
  • We use audience targeting and re-marketing lists to drive results that matter.
  • We use a thorough competitor analysis to give you an edge.
  • Max CPV or target CPM, we direct the right bid strategy.
  • We use budget optimisation to get the maximum ROAS.
  • We set up conversion tracking for your YouTube ads for accurate results.
  • We use YouTube analytics to constantly measure results. We ensure you are meeting your brand goals.

Pair up with a Youtube Ad agency that cares

We love what we do. We are a team of passionate digital marketers who constantly strive to deliver excellence. As a digital marketing agency, we understand and care for your brand as much as you. Our data driven minds together with our state-of-the-art tools & tech have delivered results and client satisfaction. We are an ergonomic bunch of people you can rely on!

The content rich, engagement heavy world of YouTube video marketing is our play arena. We can help you optimise this video platform to its fullest potential to drive your brand marketing efforts to success.

Marketing is a skill that gets better with experience.  Metric Labs has the experience of delivering successful marketing campaigns for some of the top bracket brands and businesses in Australia.  We are also a Google partner and a Google Adwords Agency.  As an award winning digital marketing agency, we guarantee you quality.

Pair up with us. Use our marketing services and let our highly skilled set of digital marketing minds drive your YouTube brand marketing efforts to success. 

Frequently asked questions

There is no minimum spend for advertising on YouTube Here, you pay per video ad view or engagement. YouTube video ads can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per view. For example, if your advertisement had a $0.10 video view, you would pay $1,000 for every 10,000 people that watch your video ads.

Mainly three-

True View: If you’ve selected True View ads to form the basis of your YouTube video advertising campaign, your videos will be shown to users before they view a normal video. You’ll be charged per view for these ads and there’s no upper time limit. There are four types. But the most popular are:

·        In-search ads -They appear in YouTube search results when the viewer’s search is related to the advertisement’s keywords. Sponsors pay for ads that is watched by a viewer.

·        In-display ads – These are legacy formats that appear in the YouTube promoted video ads overlay, in video suggestions and related videos, and in Google’s Click-to-Play format. These are opt in video ads.


Pre-Roll : This type of YouTube video advertisement is shown before a video, and runs about 30 seconds.They’re charged per click, meaning you only pay for the total number of clicks generated, rather than the number of video views.

Bumper ads: Its a six-second, non-skippable clip before a regular video.

We would definitely say yes. Video is the present and future of content. With no minimum spend on this platform and the fact that anything below  a 30 second view or a full view is free, these are awesome to optimise on.

Advertising on YouTube is similar to running any other PPC campaign. The difference is ,you pay only when someone engages with your video advertisement (like clicking on a CTA) or views it. YouTube runs its ads though Google ads. First you upload your video on your brand YouTube channel, create a new campaign on Google Ads, choose all targeting configuration (including your target audience) and networks to display your video ads and you are good to go!

YouTube display advertising allows businesses to get results with paid visual placements next to YouTube’s videos.

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