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The term Search Engine Marketing agency or SEM agency initially meant a company providing a myriad of online marketing services but recently the interpretation of the term SEM agency has changed to consist of solely a paid search offering rather than a combination of all online marketing services. 

At Metric Labs we offer SEM services across all search engines like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Baidu and Yahoo. We have a team of clever and experienced SEM specialists who work with businesses from developing strategy to implementation and optimisation.


Our SEM Agency Service

As an experienced SEM agency, we provide strategic guidance to ensure your SEM strategy aligns with your business goals. Our process involves providing enterprise audits to evaluate all aspects of your SEM campaigns and management process. Based on the audit findings, we set up a task list with a priority scale, timelines and responsible entity to ensure the strategy restructure is delivered in a timely manner.

We work on all aspects of SEM. From search, display, video and remarketing. Through display, we lead your campaign strategy, design and execution of placement buying across major vendors. Leveraging our data knowledge combined with customer insights we can build display audiences that drive value. 

For SEM retargeting, we use a combination of customer segmentation and audience lifecycles to identify value-driving remarketing opportunities. We can then pair these audiences with data-led creative so the right offer is presented to the right audience at the right time.

Frequently asked questions

Our SEM services include search, display and Video advertising. We provide SEM services across the board from strategy development, implementation, ongoing optimisation and consulting. We are also a Google Ads and Microsoft ads partner so we make

Our team are experts in SEM. Combined, our team has over 25 years of SEM experience. We have managed campaigns from a variety of vertical from real estate, ecommerce, finance, hospitality and so on. We are data experts which gives us the edge in SEM.

SEM is basically PPC. Marketers love their acronyms and confusing verbiage so they use the terminology interchangeably or together.Put simply SEM is the same as PPC!

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