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A major part of our work at Metric Labs revolves around the world of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, which is as dynamic as it is fascinating. We know it can be difficult to manage multiple accounts across different advertising platforms and our aim is to make the most of our spend and efforts. For this, we need to make sure that our monthly budget and spend are on track and that we also align with the client’s marketing goals at the same time. In light of this, optimisation and PPC Management tools are an important part of our approach to PPC.

We have found that Optmyzr is one of the best automation and optimizing tools for us because it is easy to use and saves us a heap of time. Optmyzr uses AI and Machine Learning to offer one-click optimization solutions to PPC professionals and also can be used across Adwords as well as Bing.

The software’s one click optimization suggests many ideas on how to improve the quality of your accounts, either by adding or eliminating keywords, changing bids, adjusting placement on display networks like Google Shopping, and many other similar operations that can make your campaigns lucrative and profitable. Basically, it offers all PPC functionality for agencies and advertisers, as well as eliminating the need to waste time on repetitive and tedious jobs.

A quick overview of Optmyzr’s features are:

  • PPC Investigator
  • Spend Projection
  • Performance Comparison
  • AdWords quality score tracker
  • One click optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Custom AdWords report designer
  • Geo heatmap
  • Search terms word cloud
  • Hour of week analysis
  • Optimization history
  • Optimization dashboard
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Landing page analysis
  • Shopping campaign bidder
  • Shopping campaign splitter
  • Bing Ads optimizations

But our favourite Optmyzr feature is the PPC Investigator. It is a one stop analysis of what’s working for your account and what’s not. It offers a detailed flow chart that can pinpoint the reasons behind a decrease or increase of any metric vital to the account.

A Quick Look at Optmyzr’s PPC Investigator


As an example, let’s say we wanted to find out the reason behind the change in conversions this quarter using a quarter on quarter comparison. At a glance, the Cause Chart above shows that the conversion rate has gone down by 43.03% and clicks have gone up by 65.75%. But the change in conversions seem insignificant. This might have been largely due to the fact that the impressions have gone up and so has the clicks and CTR.

But a further drill down and analysis is possible, which can lead us to the root of the problem. We can further analyse the top contributors for increase in clicks, impressions and cost by going to the Root Cause Analysis.

The Root Cause Analysis


Clicking on the little round magnifier will lead us to the Root Cause Analysis.


The Root Cause Analysis part of the PPC Investigator further informs about the top contributors, such as the keywords, campaigns and ad groups, that led to the change. This is such a helpful feature because at a glance it lets us know what went wrong and what to fix.

After identifying which metric needs to be worked on, the Root Cause Analysis goes a step further and highlights the exact Campaigns/Ad groups/Product partition/Keywords that were responsible for the change in an account. We are pointed in the direction of the top positive movers and top negative movers. The top negative movers are where the root of the problem lies and the changes can be made down to the keyword level, in order to get a robust fix of the problem.

Keyword Lasso


Another tool we regularly use is the Keyword Lasso. This is another super useful feature that helps with finding new keywords. It uses a look back window to intelligently provide the top keywords that might be potential converters. With just a single click, we can also upload the new keywords directly to the account. Easy as pie.

There are so many other assets in Optmyzr that make PPC life easy for us, we love using it and discovering its benefits every day. We can’t emphasize enough on it’s time saving qualities and intelligent analysis. “Optimization through automation” at its best!

We would love to know your experience in using Optmyzr if you have been using this tool. Also, if you are aware of any other PPC management tool that is making life easy for you, let us know in the comments below.

Frequently asked questions

Optmyzr is one of the best PPC management software for marketing professionals online. Large scale businesses and agencies can streamline their account optimizations with its one click optimization features and automation capabilities. The Optmyzr PPC tool itself is a “many-in-one” juggernaut- a single tool that contains capabilities that range from budget optimization, keyword optimization to report building and enhanced scripts. Having this tool makes a marketer’s life easier.

Optmyzr is easy once you get the hang of it. The basic features are pretty self explanatory.

Optmyzr has an easy UI and offers a seamless transition within the features contained in the tool. It is great for managing an individual account or MCC.  Its one click optimisation features makes it a great PPC tool for multiple accounts with multitudes of campaigns.

The Optmyzr campaign builder, particularly, is very handy in creating campaigns from scratch. There’s a tool that allows you to create shopping and smart shopping campaigns as well. These features are pretty straight forward and and are a great demonstration of Optmyzr automation capabilities.

Optmyzr offers a free trial plan. But it doesn’t have a free version. The paid version starts from $249 per month.

As an agency we have used Optmyzr and we have loved it so far. Other PPC Management tools might be equally good. Optmyzr is believed to be great for large scale businesses and agencies.

It all boils down to analysing the scope of features for all PPC tools available in the market. Optmyzr has a wide range of resources that help manage, streamline and optimize PPC efforts.The facilities range from basic to advanced, i.e. from insights to reporting for both Google and Bing. All PPC Management tools will have pros and cons when it comes down to assessing their features and functionality.


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