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Search auctions are constantly evolving, so we are too.

Maximize your paid search potential by partnering with a data-driven agency that prioritizes your success. With years of experience, our team has a proven track record of growing revenue for clients through platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Leverage the power of paid search to connect with customers in the moment they are ready to buy. Our advanced paid search strategies deliver real-time insights to optimize campaigns and drive revenue-generating traffic. Partner with us to achieve measurable results and reach your advertising goals.


Paid Search Solutions

paid search digital agency sydney

Competitor research

To beat your competitors, you need to understand them.

We analyze competitors to develop superior strategies and ensure business outperformance without outspending.

We deep-dive on:
  • Industry life cycle
  • Market share by competitor
  • Top competitor names
  • Competitor marketing activities
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses
paid search digital agency sydney

Bid management

While we find large agencies are obsessed with full-bid automation we believe coupling machine learning and human intuition delivers superior results.

We cover:
  • Brand keyword strategy
  • Generic Keyword strategy
  • Negative lists
  • Audience exclusion strategy
  • Position Targets
  • Bidding tech strategy
paid search digital agency sydney

Account structure strategy

A great account structure is one of the most important drivers of long term success, yet one of the most ignored parts of paid search.

We cover:
  • Keyword grouping strategy
  • Device strategy
  • Budget and forecasting
  • Location targeting strategy
  • CPA targets
  • Match type strategy
paid search digital agency sydney

Testing ground strategy

With a multitude of metrics and dimensions to consider, paid search is a complex playground. However, our scientific approach simplifies decisions and makes them more effective. 

We Cover:
  • Hypothesis creation
  • Landing page tests
  • Ad Copy experiments
  • Clearly Defining test objectives


As a leading AdWords agency serving Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we assist businesses in creating campaigns that achieve remarkable outcomes while maximizing ROI. By targeting keywords specific to your business, your AdWords ads will appear at the top of the search results page, ready to engage customers when they are prepared to make a purchase.

Our approach blends statistical analysis, mathematical precision, and outstanding business knowledge to optimize your AdWords campaigns and secure the highest return on your advertising investment. Select a savvy AdWords agency and witness a boost to your bottom line. Make a smart choice for superior advertising results.

Google Ads Report Features We Love

Auction insights

The auction reports are one of our favourites. The reports are great at shining a light on how your competitors are bidding at any given time. Assuming you have isolated your high performing keywords to specific campaigns then the auction insights reports come in handy in helping you understand how your competitors are performing. You can spot new competitors, monitor who is raising bids, and get a better gauge on how to manage your budget.

Conversion action segmentation

The conversion action segmentation allows you to breakdown the conversion types so you understand how well your campaigns are performing. When assessing conversions, it’s best to know that the conversions you get have value to your business. The conversion action segmentation allows you to see exactly what type of conversions you have acquired.

Paid & organic reports

The paid & organic report is great when optimising for both organic and paid. One strategy we use with these reports is to look at Google Ads keywords that are served alongside an organic listing where you rank number one. If we find that the keyword doesn’t have any other bidders from PPC then we pause it. This allows for the traffic to flow organically, saving money for our client.


Bespoke Adwrods Strategies We’ve Developed

At Metric Labs, we are known as one of the leading data-driven display ad agencies in Sydney with a successful track record of delivering effective Google Ads campaigns for top brands in Australia. Our expertise in optimizing the Google Display Network (GDN) for maximum return on ad spend sets us apart in the industry.

Our unique approach to display advertising combines exceptional creative and marketing acumen to produce outstanding results for our clients across diverse industries including IT, fashion, construction, fitness, and facility management, among others.

Display Ads And Google Display Network

Google Display Network includes more than 2 million websites and has a reach of 90% of internet users. Its immense capabilities to get your brand noticed and drive sales can’t be ignored. Businesses make ample use of display ads to get the maximum return on investments.

As an an experienced digital marketing agency, we know the power of relevant placement targeting to get your ads before the right audience. B2B brands uses display ads for a cost-effective upper funnel play. For B2C, it mostly boils down to which part of the customer journey they want to target. The scope of using multiple ad formats (including video and banner) along with re-marketing makes GDN highly effective and a favourite among advertisers.

Conversions can sky rocket if display ads are done right.

GDN features we love:

Enhance your display campaigns with our customized Google Display marketing services. Achieve your business objectives by optimizing your display ads. Stand out from the competition by being the first to catch the attention of your target audience.

Campaign Structure Strategy

Being an experienced Google PPC and display advertising agency, we totally get the importance of having a foolproof campaign structure. At Metric Labs, we stick to a strong campaign structure as the foundation for successful display advertising campaigns. 

Even though it’s our data-driven agency’s well-kept secret, we want to share a few strategies with you:

Account structure

Campaign structure

Ad group structure

Display ads

Our Display Advertising Strategies

As an award winning digital marketing agency with extensive experience in Google Adwords and PPC advertising, we know just the right display advertising strategies that deliver. 

Here are some strategies we know that work:

Metric Labs specializes in leveraging Google Shopping, one of Google’s top online advertising options, to help brands maximize their potential. With experience working with clients from various industries, we have gained insights into their unique selling points, allowing us to create customized Google Shopping solutions.

Our team of in-house digital marketing specialists use data-driven insights to optimize campaigns. We start with a thorough study of the competition and granular analysis, and end with custom-fit strategies tailored to each business that stand out from the competition.

Why Google Shopping?

Did you know that the Google online marketplace gives users an exclusive shopping mall experience? Google Shopping is the closest you can get to physically shopping at a real store—online. The erstwhile Froogle (as Google named it in 2002), Google Shopping has come a long way. 

Google Shopping boasts 30% higher conversion rates compared to traditional text ads, making it a must-have for retailers. E-commerce brands with a vast product range can greatly benefit from advertising on this platform. Customers can view product details and retailer information, compare prices, and make informed purchasing decisions, earning it the title of Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). The question is: with so many players and contenders, how do online advertisers turn Google Shopping into an optimal revenue-generating venture?

Google Shopping Overview


What’s all the fuss about Google Shopping? Google Shopping, also known as Google Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping PLA), is a popular choice among online advertisers, especially retailers, due to its high click-through rate and low cost per lead. It provides advertisers with lower bidding options than search ads while delivering more clicks and conversions. Unlike standard search ads, Google Shopping campaigns do not require tying to keywords.

To start advertising on Google Shopping, you need a Google Merchant Center and a product feed. Creating a Google Shopping campaign can be done directly from either a Google Merchant Center or Google AdWords. To set up, simply create a Google Merchant Center and populate it with a product feed that syncs data from your retailer website. Then, link the Google Merchant Center to your Google AdWords account and you’re ready to go.


In Google Shopping, bidding is done at the product group level. Bids can be assigned based on the product groups established. It’s highly recommended to segment your products if some have greater earning potential than others.

When creating a Google Shopping campaign through either the Merchant Center or Google AdWords, a default “all products” group is created. This can be further divided into smaller groups based on brand, category, and sub-category for more precision. To optimize bidding, individual bids can be set for each product group. Bids can be determined based on product priority or profit margin. Higher bids can be assigned to products with higher profit potential and lower bids for the others. This approach helps the advertiser to maximize revenue through optimal bidding, making the most out of their investment.

Metric Labs has extensive experience in creating successful Bing Ads campaigns that drive revenue and results. Our team is well-versed in the unique characteristics of the Microsoft-owned platform, which offer a niche reach and other advantages distinct from Google. We have worked with a diverse range of clients, each with unique business needs and requirements, and have helped them achieve successful ROI-driven initiatives through Bing Ads.

If you’re looking to partner with us for Bing Advertising, reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss our services and show you what we can do for you.

Unlocking The Potential Of Bing Advertising

Bing, owned by Microsoft, is the second most popular search engine after Google. Even though it doesn’t rank as high in popularity, Bing has its own segregated audience and users. Bing has three search engines—Bing, Yahoo, and AOL—so when you advertise on one platform, your ad is visible on all three. This opens up the possibility of your ads being shown to Bing, Yahoo and AOL owned and operated sites. If you think Google is where all the action happens, you might just be surprised at the benefits of Bing Advertising.

Here are some benefits of Bing Ads: 

Bing has a niche user bracket comprised of a high number of searchers—70% of whom are older than 35 years. The overall cost and cost per click in Bing is far less in comparison to Google Advertising. Bing Ads isn’t just about extended reach, but flaunts an older and higher-income audience demographic, less competition, lower CPC, and potentially better ROI. You’d be missing out on a chunk of the SEM share if you are not advertising on Bing where advertising is cheaper and revenue-auguring.

Bing Advertising Agency Services We Offer

Bing as an advertising platform is similar to Adwords but has its own quirks. While importing an Adwords account to Bing, not all attributes are supported. Bing ads needs its own audience targeting, automated rules, demographics, and extensions defined—all of which needs to be different from those in Google Adwords. 

Metric Labs offers the following services as a Bing marketing agency: 

Our Bespoke Bing Ads Plan Of Action And Strategies

Client immersion workshop

For every new client, we conduct a client immersion workshop to understand a brand’s unique selling points and marketing objectives. Your KPIs, advertising restrictions, and company policies will be transitioned to our client marketing knowledge bank. This is the starting point.

Competitor research

Although competition in Microsoft Advertising is not as tough as in Google, we will carry out an assessment of your competition here. A better understanding of your competition is a must to give you an edge. Internal marketing funnel study or market share research, we will do it all.

Account structure strategy

Whether it’s an imported account from Adwords or a brand new one, we will help you structure your Bing account. This ensures a solid foundation prior to creating, maturing, and optimising a successful Bing campaign. Brand and generic keyword strategy, audience/location targeting, keyword grouping, keyword match types, CPA, and bidding—all be aligned to the information derived from the client immersion workshop.

Bid management

All Bing campaigns will be be optimised on an ongoing basis with our PPC management tools. Metric Labs loves to mix automation and human insight to get the maximum output through optimisation. Tools like Optmyzr and Bing Scripts ensure smooth bid management which we use as a part of our Bing PPC strategy.

Ad copy strategy

Similar to Google Adwords, Bing Ads have character restrictions and best practices. Within these restrictions, crafting the perfect Bing ad copy is an engaging challenge we are adept at.


Metric Labs loves to test and tweak campaigns to perfection. You can expect us to test everything ranging from bid strategy to ad copy to landing pages until we reach a level of satisfaction. We define test hypothesis and test parameters, and scale them through technology to optimal heights.

To get in-depth intel on the comprehensive POA for Bing Ads, reach out to us for a partnership.

Frequently asked questions

When can PPC give us results?

The earliest results can be seen in one month’s time as Google needs to accrue data in the initial phase of an account going live.

What key metrics can PPC measure?

There are numerous metrics that PPC can measure with the most popular being conversion, conversion rate, ROAS, conversion value, cost as well as other metrics such as search impression share. 

How do these key metrics tie to our business results (revenue, ROI, ROAS)?

Depending on the business, results differ depending on the industry. Businesses selling a product would focus more on ROAS whilst a business selling a service would focus on a service. 

What kind of ads will we run (text ads, DSA, Display, Shopping, Video, etc.)?

PPC runs all ads such as text ads in the form of a RSA or DSA, display, shopping and video. 

What do you do for us on a weekly and monthly basis?

We monitor budgets, performance and optimise to achieve the best results possible.

How do I get started with PPC?

Getting started is simple. Just email us hello@metriclabs.com.au or call us on 02 9134 3889

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