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The importance of Online Lead Generation

Let’s face it. Lead generation is one of the top challenges faced by most marketers. The marketing landscape might have changed dynamically over the years, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of online lead generation. After all, lead generation is the driving force for all sales teams across businesses. According to Hubspot, around 61% of marketers have quoted lead generation as one of the toughest challenges they face.

Companies need quality leads to direct their marketing initiatives through which their bottom marketing funnel goals are achieved. As we mature in terms of marketing tactics and manoeuvres, the tools slash paraphernalia of lead generation and the science of lead generation itself have changed massively. Through this content we want to educate you about some of the experience and knowledge we have on lead generation, and how to turn your lead generation initiatives into a successful venture. We would also attempt to throw light on the latest tools and strategies tied to online lead generation.

A Clever Lead Generation Agency

Metric Labs is a data driven agency. With years of experience working on lead generation marketing, with a diverse set of clientele, we have understood the basic science behind it. With effective lead capturing tactics and strategies we have also successfully helped our clients nurture qualified leads into converting customers.

The entire customer journey through the marketing funnel is encapsulated within brand awareness and conversion. In between lies the consideration phase. But the starting point is always online lead generation. Unless you have a good grasp and clarity on your online lead generation plan, driving the journey successfully to completion isn’t fool proof. Metric Labs can help you gain quality insights on the state of the art online lead generation strategies, wherein you can devote your precious time on your business while we optimise your entire lead generation process.

Some successful Online Lead Generation tactics

Following are some of the successful lead generation tactics we have employed and delivered :

  • Email Marketing is one of the most primitive forms of marketing online. Yet we can’t undermine it’s potential in lead generation. Our data driven email marketing campaigns combine engaging/ valuable content with optimisation to create and nurture leads to converting customers. Our effective targeting tactics enable us to peel through the layers to reach qualified leads who are ready to be nurtured and pushed down the bottom of the marketing funnel. Periodic email marketing campaigns and content rich newsletters with just the right CTAs are hard to ignore, when injected to the right audience at the right time. Capturing qualified leads from prospects and turning them into converters is oh so possible with strategic email marketing campaigns.


  • Landing Pages helps capture vital information pertaining to a prospect. Data like name, email and contact information can be easily captured by highly optimised landing pages. Our team of analytical and creative people are experts at creating engaging post- click lead generation pages. We understand each business’s product or service and marketing goals. Our landing pages are aligned to your unique business’ goals and needs. Designing an optimised landing page with state of the art tools and tech tailored to your business goals is a powerful way to to turn a lead generation campaign into a revenue earning game. Our landing pages that form part of lead generation search/display campaigns have delivered significant results . We understand that most of your paid lead generation campaigns are potentially futile if not directed to the appropriate landing page. We believe all paid investments should be driven towards the right efforts that promise and attain results. Metric Labs can help you gain your money’s worth.


  • Content Marketing campaigns are sure-shot lead magnets. It helps engage the audience with relevant content that they can derive value from. A well planned content marketing strategy would be to periodically publish fresh and unique content that the reader can consume . E-books, whitepapers, blogs, social media posts and right about any format that can get your prospects hooked and ready to move down the marketing funnel can be used here. Content should always seek to add value. From production to placement and increasing scope through channels, Metric Labs meticulously plans execution at all levels. We conduct extensive research on content aligned to a brand’s niche audience’s interests. We devise our content marketing strategies around that granular analysis. Our team of in house copy writers and SEO specialists can aid your content creation efforts to aggressively make it SERP optimised and effective.

An Agency that understands

Metric Labs is an agency that cares. We are a bunch of digital marketing minds that constantly strives to deliver results. We understand a brand’s pain points to customise our lead generation strategies accordingly. We listen. We empathise with your marketing goals. Our job is not complete until we have transparently communicated our efforts to you. We make sure our results are seen . Our MoM reports,, are a norm through which we update you on the progress made. We use our diverse set of in house services to ensure that our online lead generation initiatives are cost effective, result oriented. Our Paid Social Media and Paid Search lead gen efforts have yielded results for our clients . We have cajoled prospects into qualified leads and nurtured them to drive revenue for companies. Be a leader in online lead generation. Give us a yell to team up with us.

Frequently asked questions

Online lead generation is the process of capturing interest for a businesses’s products or services through various digital channels , for people researching about them online. Online lead generation is a process that involves strategies like inbound marketing and lead gen campaigns through paid search and paid social.

Self Gen leads are the ones achieved by the sales rep/sales team of a business. One can generate self leads through networking via events , social selling on channels like LinkedIn, cold prospecting through emails and direct cold calling.

A business can generate leads online through various marketing strategies like email marketing, building appropriate post- click landing pages and also through relevant content marketing. The idea is to collect data from your audience of interest and urge them to submit information like name, email and other details. Eventually, prospects convert into qualified leads. They can further be nurtured and turned into customers , thereby achieving bottom funnel objectives.

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