Mitsuku the 18 year old bot

Chatbot Marketing

Here at Metric Labs, we can’t get enough of chatbot marketing and how bots are changing the way we engage with technology. Chatbot marketing is the newest service that we provide and we are constantly trying to learn more about the weird and wonderful possibilities of chatbots.


Our latest discovery is of a not-so-new chatbot, Mitsuku. Mitsuku is a four-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test and is considered to be the world’s best conversational chatbot. We’ve been chatting with Mitsuku for a few days now and we’ve gathered a few observations from our ongoing conversation with her.


Mitsuku uses what is called “natural language processing”. It’s the term for AI technology that interprets people’s intent and responds accordingly. Considering how varied people’s responses can be despite having the same intent, this can be quite the challenge! For example, two people might want to communicate that they are impressed by your chatbot. One might say, “Wow, this chatbot is so awesome!” and the other might simply reply with, “Cool.” These are just two possibilities and of course, there are many more.


Mitsuku has a large database of variants that people have asked her over the past 18 years. While she can get stumped on word play and complicated sentences, she generally has an answer for everything. At the very least, she will ask you to clarify and this helps to expand her understanding of user intents despite varied language. She’s not just an endless bag of replies either, having been designed to be a great conversationalist. She has personality and a story, in order to create a truly engaging experience.


Now, not everyone has the time and know-how to build such a sophisticated chatbot. But Mitsuku is a great example to show you how to make your business’s chatbot fun and helpful. Think of your brand’s character and mission statement and design your chatbot around these core values. Think about your customer base and their interests to make a creative chatting experience.


Here at Metric Labs, we use an interface called Dialogflow to develop our own trusty chatbot’s conversational skills. It’s no Mitsuku but maybe in 18 year’s time, we’ll have a smarty pants teenage chatbot too.


We highly recommend Mitsuku for an easy-breezy chat and some invigorating chatbot inspiration.