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MeasureCamp Sydney? Nope, Measurecamp Melbourne! This time round we made the trip and flew to Melbourne for the first time to attend Measurecamp! Held at the Melbourne Business School, Measurecamp is our regional counterpart to the worldwide Digital Analytics conference. It is organised by the dedicated volunteers from Data Teams in Melbourne. We even got free shirts!

If you haven’t attended a Measurecamp yet, it’s essentially an analytics gathering held on Saturdays, embracing the concept of an unconference. For those unacquainted with unconferences (myself included), they are essentially participant-driven gatherings where attendees collaboratively decide on the agenda and topics, rather than having them predetermined by organisers. Unlike conventional conferences with fixed schedules and speakers, unconferences foster open dialogues, sharing of knowledge, and active involvement from all attendees. Being the second time to the event, Measurecamp still offers that sense of comfort as you are given the freedom to move around talks easily as well as easily sharing your thoughts on a given topic. Oh also, I forgot to mention, lunch and an after-event dinner are also included!

Measurecamp kicks off with an opening ceremony that outlines the procedures and format of the unconference. Following the opening ceremony, attendees who want to present can jot down their presentation, discussion, or debate topics and slot them into a designated time on a scheduling board. For those, like myself and team members, who prefer to listen to talks or engage in discussions during sessions, it becomes a task to choose which sessions to attend and locate their venues (Pro tip: Aim to position yourself towards the front to have a clear view of the hosted sessions).

This year’s Measurecamp in Melbourne had a variety of topics but took a much different slant from last year’s Measurecamp. We could see that the topics were centered around a cookieless future (highlighted in the shirt we got) and the usage, integration and regulations of AI tools. There was even a talk hosted on the spot that had panels on the Pros and Cons of Gen AI that anyone, if they wanted, could participate in this ‘hot topic’.

Some of the topics covered in the sessions we attended:

  • Dashboard Wireframing

  • Fixing Marketing Attribution with Generative AI

  • Gen AI for Marketing

  • Cookie Consent on a Privacy Diet 

  • Privacy and Data Governance 

  • How to Build a Culture of Innovation + Creativity in a Legacy Business

  • Attribution is dead, What’s Next?

  • The Cookie-Apocalypse and Life Afterwards

In general, for my second ever Measurecamp, I found that the sessions provided valuable insights and learning opportunities. The unconference left us feeling inspired and aware of what to expect in the industry for the upcoming future. Additionally, connecting with experts in the industry through discussions within talks has allowed us to validate common thoughts and concerns as well as widening our lens within new solutions.

If you’re feeling motivated to join Measurecamp but missed this opportunity, fear not! You’ll have another chance, as they also hold events in Sydney and Auckland. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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