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A year has passed and Measurecamp is back! MeasureCamp Sydney is graciously sponsored by Google Cloud and serves as our local iteration of the global Digital Analytics conference. It is organised by the dedicated volunteers from Data & Analytics Wednesday, who also manage the international event. They even gave out free Google Cloud Socks!

If you’ve never been to a Measurecamp before, Measurecamp is basically an analytics event hosted on a Saturday that pushes the idea of an unconference. For those who are unfamiliar with an unconference (which is the case for me), an unconference is basically a participant-driven meeting or event where the agenda and topics are determined collaboratively by the attendees, rather than being predetermined by organisers. Unlike traditional conferences with planned schedules and speakers, unconferences encourage open discussions, knowledge sharing, and active participation from all participants. As this was my first time at a Measurecamp event, I found the idea of an unconference event really interesting and comfortable as you are given the freedom to move around talks easily as well as easily sharing your thoughts on a given topic.

Measurecamp starts off with an opening ceremony that highlights the how-tos and process of the unconference. After the opening ceremony, if you are an attendee that wishes to present, you would begin to write down your presentation,discussion or debate topics and place them in a time slot on a scheduled board. If you are an attendee that wishes to listen in to talks (like me) or even discuss your thoughts within a talk, you would find yourself scrambling to find and decide which sessions to attend and where it will be hosted (Tip: Try to stay in front of the crowd so you can see the sessions hosted).

Some of the topics covered in the sessions we attended:

  • Understanding the Lifetime Value of Your Customers | How to analyse LTV of your customers and market to them accordingly with real examples from past analyses. | Presentation, Business

  • Adobe Experience Cloud – Latest & Greatest | A whirlwind tour of the latest developments in the Adobe Experience Cloud, with a focus on CX and measurement. | Customer Experience, Presentation

  • We Live in a Cookie World | Data privacy, cookie consent, consent mode – how to collect data while respecting user consent. | Presentation, Technical

  • Privacy and Data Governance | Macro Trends – Data Laws, Challenges, Compliance Gaps, Posture, Enforcement. Summary of tech setup from a recent study. Quick tips for Analytics testing. | Presentation, Technical (Analytical, Business)

  • How to Make BigQuery for GA4 Less Horrible | Jumped into the BigQuery export and having trouble getting started? About to jump in? Get/share a few tips! | Technical

  • Attribution is still “BS”

In general, for my first ever Measurecamp, I found that the sessions provided valuable insights and learning opportunities. The unconference left us feeling inspired with fresh approaches to tracking methods and enhanced strategies for website measurement. Additionally, connecting with colleagues in the industry allowed us to exchange ideas and realise that we share common thoughts and concerns.

If you are now inspired to attend Measurecamp and have missed this opportunity, don’t worry, you will have a second chance as they also host in Melbourne and Auckland. Hope to see you there!


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