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After a 3 year hiatus, MeasureCamp Sydney was back on last weekend. Generously hosted by Google, MeasureCamp Sydney is our local version of the worldwide Digital Analytics conference and is run by the same team of volunteers from Data & Analytics Wednesday.

If you’ve never been to MeasureCamp before, which was also the case for me, the conference prides itself on being an unconference. Held on Saturdays (so you have to want to be there) and with no prior set schedule or itinerary, MeasureCamp encourages a more organic (ha!) and collaborative approach when compared to traditional conferences.

After the opening ceremony, attendees can create a session based on a presentation, discussion panel, debate or even a venting session. All the sessions are then put up on a schedule board and assigned rooms. Then the un-conference begins and the mad scramble to decide which session to attend and what room it’s in begins.

Some of the sessions that we went to covered topics such as:

  • The Prosecutor’s Fallacy and how to interpret test results (you can read all about it here but there is significantly less Die Hard in the blog form).

  • Storytelling with Data Visualisations, which used Charles Minard’s graph of Napoleon’s Russian campaign in 1812 to highlight why it’s never a good idea to invade Russia in the winter.

  • The deployment of Google Tag Manager across Victorian Government websites and the complexities involved with tracking all the sites

  • Google Analytics 4’s BigQuery export and the quirks involved with its real-time data streaming

  • A debate about whether Attribution is dead or not. (Attribution as we knew it is probably dead)

Overall, the sessions were very informative and educational and we came away from the conference inspired with new ways of tracking and how to better manage the process of measuring websites. It was also great to meet industry peers, share ideas and see that we’re all thinking the same things.

If you’re interested in MeasureCamp, they host conference all around the world including Melbourne and Auckland. If you can’t wait that long, you can get smaller doses at Data & Analytics Wednesdays. And if you do decide to attend, make sure to say hi to us there.


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