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Metric Labs is a clever digital marketing agency. Among our spectrum of social media marketing services, we offer smart data led tips and tricks on LinkedIn Advertising.

LinkedIn is known to be the best professional networking platform, which has developed into a powerful advertising medium for B2B brands and businesses. It is also the world’s largest professional network, with more than 560 million active users. According to LinkedIn, for every 5 active users, 4 are business decisions makers.

LinkedIn has become the place to visit when it comes to growing and expanding your business or when connecting with a broad network of professionals. Perfect to showcase a brand’s message across the appropriate professional crowd, LinkedIn provides the perfect opportunity to target high level decision makers at an organisation level. It might not be as visual as the other social media platforms, but it surely tops all the global professional networking platforms. B2B brands wouldn’t want to miss out advertising here. LinkedIn ads now gives a change to leverage your objective based advertising to the right crowd using laser targeting strategies.

Metric Labs is a LinkedIn Marketing agency formed by a diverse group of people, from different disciplines that, when combined, deliver the best results to our clients. As a social media marketing agency, Metric Labs has developed a unique combination of unconventional thinking and applied mathematical know-how that allows the creation of cost-effective advertising across paid social media. We have a vast experience in LinkedIn ads as well. We have worked with clients across multiple industries. Our approach is data centric and results oriented. Get in touch with us, if you want your brand messaging delivered with smart data led strategies, optimised with clever insights.

LinkedIn Features as an Advertising Platform

Want to showcase your brand to C-suite working professionals or generate quality leads on a social media platform for the business minded? Well. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you! LinkedIn members contain the top level decision makers and executives who can influence consideration when it comes to organisations. With almost twice the purchase power of an average audience across the web, this marketing platform is a haven for B2B marketers. New features are being introduced here similar to other social media advertising platforms, which augments its potential in online paid advertising.

As a LinkedIn agency, there are some unique LinkedIn features that we find useful and use to our advantage.

  • The scope of easily creating and managing LinkedIn campaigns on Campaign Manager.
  • Setting objectives, whether it be lead generation, or drive brand awareness , is easy and effective.
  • Kick starting is easy through creating a LinkedIn ad account and getting LinkedIn Campaign Manager access.
  • LinkedIn offers a range of ad formats to choose from that includes sponsored inmail ads, text ads, programmatic display ads, dynamic ads . All of these creative ad formats can be leveraged to meet each brand’s individual marketing goals.
  • Exciting targeting options that lets a brand focus its LinkedIn ads on the right target audience. LinkedIn advertising offers the scope of creating matched audiences .
  • Setting bids for LinkedIn advertising campaigns offers a good control on your valuable spend.
  • As a data savvy LinkedIn ad agency we love to gorge on data and draw granular reports to derive insights on optimisation. LinkedIn’s native analytics console allows us to do so.
  • Personalised messaging that delivers.

We love this B2B optimised marketing platform. There are so many features as well as positive challenges that LinkedIn offers as an advertising platform , that we recommend all B2B brands and businesses to explore it . Ads work when served with strategy. As an experienced LinkedIn advertising agency, we can serve the right strategies for your LinkedIn campaigns. Reach out to us or simply give a shout out to make the right LinkedIn marketing decisions.

Our LinkedIn Advertising Strategies

Metric Labs is an expert LinkedIn advertising agency that uses a recipe of strategy and data aligned to a brand’s business marketing goals. Our aim is to have crafty LinkedIn ads served to the right target audience. We make sure that your sponsored ads and content are showcased to the right audience, hence driving a good ROI for your business.

We understand the value of marketing strategies. Ads are effective only when served with the right marketing tactics. Metric Labs crafts clever strategies that have delivered results and only the team is privy to these. Nevertheless, we would like to share a few tricks of our trade with you!

  • Understanding a brand’s business objectives. Every business is unique and deserves a unique approach when it comes to online advertising. Metric Labs makes a genuine effort towards the same.
  • Understanding a brand’s peers. We take competitor research slash study seriously. That is how we craft strategies that can trump your competitors and provide you an edge.
  • Optimising a brand’s company page. It all starts here. An optimised company page is the cornerstone to a brand’s LinkedIn Advertising campaign’s success. We, at Metric Labs, makes sure that we lay your foundation well.
  • As LinkedIn ad experts might agree, the right creatives definitely calls the shot in a great LinkedIn Advertising campaign. Metric Labs uses a combo of images and videos to deliver the right brand messaging and ads.
  • Measuring efforts. Metric Labs is a data crazy bunch of people. We understand, live and breathe data. We rely on data to much to underestimate it. We make sure that our efforts towards your LinkedIn marketing initiatives are measured accurately. Analytics equips us to deliver you the right insights on your marketing efforts and solutions to ongoing optimisation. After all, we only want the best results through honest efforts and transparent communication.
  • Our job is not finished once we have put up your ads. We provide ongoing LinkedIn advertising support. You can count on us to be by your side throughout your LinkedIn advertising journey.

What else? Well, we can get together to discuss our other crafty secrets and strategy recipes. wit you. Simply reach out to us and we can kickstart your B2B marketing journey on LinkedIn.

An Agency that cares

Metric Labs is composed of a bunch of digital marketing aficionados that dotes on data and analytics. Nothing is more factual and transparent than data. You can count on us to be caring towards your brand’s pain points as much as you! You can count on us more, on delivering the results you desire together with a transparent communication structure based on data.

Did we also mention that we are a Google partner?

Make the best of our LinkedIn advertising agency services and the spectrum of other related services we have. We have catered to a diverse clientele and have the technical capabilities and know-how that will deliver the right results for you. We are serious and passionate about what we do. Absolutely no fluff.

Get on board today and earn some seriously brilliant LinkedIn Advertising strategies through us. We understand LinkedIn advertising and are experts at it!

Frequently asked questions

LinkedIn Ads is a B2B advertising system that provides an opportunity to connect with audience members and engage them in the context of advertising through business networking.

LinkedIn provides businesses an advertising platform that, with the right expertise, can be easily used to increase brand awareness and engagement. LinkedIn marketing can be adapted to a high number of ad formats, such as:

—Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Text Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Dynamic Ads—

When it comes to audience targeting, LinkedIn provides a set of customisations as well for effective targeting.

LinkedIn Ads are best for B2B brands that seeks to exploit and leverage this professional networking platform as a means to reach decision makers and top level executives that influence decisions in an organisation. As a LinkedIn ad agency, we have helped B2B brands derive results through our LinkedIn marketing strategies. We definitely agree that that LinkedIn ads are worth it.

There are numerous LinkedIn ad formats to choose from. The best LinkedIn ad format for a particular brand would depend on its marketing goals.

Akin to other platforms, LinkedIn advertising costs are determined by your bids and budgets. Your overall ad spend will vary based on your business and your marketing goals, as this in turn determines the ads and the campaign duration you choose.

However, LinkedIn advertising specifies a minimum spending criteria for brands:

  • $10 daily budget per campaign
  • $10 total budget per campaign (an optional feature for Sponsored Content)
  • $2 bid for CPC or CPM on Text Ad campaigns

On an average, businesses are believed to pay $5.26 per click and $6.59 per 1000 impressions, as well as $0.80 per send for Sponsored InMail campaigns.x

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