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Why are Landing Pages important?

Every business or brand has a marketing objective or KPI envisaged for their advertising campaigns. Whether it be driving traffic to a website, or obtaining leads to add to your pool of audience, or just increase sales, landing pages can make or mar the success of an advertising campaign.

Successful campaigns always have a well design, optimised landing page tied to them. The last thing we want to have an user click though an ad and be led to an irrelevant page, just to lose a potential customer. All paid search, paid social and SEO efforts will be just a hit and miss if not tied to relevant landing pages. A well designed and optimised landing page is a must have to hit the bull’s eye, when it comes to a profitable advertising campaign. Maximise your ROI with a landing page that attracts conversions.

A Clever Landing Page Creation Agency

Metric Labs has had the experience of working with a diverse clientele who needed tailored strategies for their marketing initiatives. We have done some smart research and data driven analysis to find the kinks in marketing plans and eliminate them for maximum output/results. We have helped design efficient landing pages that were mapped to each individual brand’s marketing campaigns. We tailor landing pages to Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn to provide a seamless experience across all platforms. Attention grabbing text and call to action buttons with super relevant intent makes sure that the visitors are urged (read not forced) to naturally convert. Did we mention we are also an award winning Google Partner agency? Our landing pages are crafted in line with the best practices. Make sure your landing pages are not an offset to your advertising goal. Get in touch today to know how.

Some hot tips for high converting landing pages

At Metric Labs, we have dealt with and created multitudes of campaigns. We surely reckon with the force of a high converting landing page. Through years of testing, experimenting and analysis, we have finally found a secret formula that somehow works well in our favour. There are some primary elements to a landing page, when done right, delivers the best results. For example:

  • Less is more. Many would agree to disagree. We believe that a minimalist approach works best. A landing page with the minimum form fields, the minimum jargon is the the most effective. Landing pages need to be clean, impactful and less noisy. The intention is to keep the visitor there, not confuse with too much information.
  • Efficacy of persuasion. The psychology of persuasion should be inherent in a landing page. What can be a better example than social proofs. Including social proofs, where possible, gives users a sense of security and assurance. For example, a client testimonial in the footer.
  • Hero Images. By hero images we mean a strong image that conveys the product messaging effectively. The image should be the dominating factor of the landing page.  A single glance should be able to make the whole purpose of the landing page clear. Types of hero images are :
    • product focused
    • process focused
    • outcome focused
  • Benefit statements. A Benefit statement is the USP of a landing page. The visitor needs a clear understanding of the take aways, at the very outset. For instance a discount or sale offer or a free trial. Placement is the key here. Including it above the fold or just above the CTA does the trick here.
  • A smart CTA. A clear and well meaning CTA is the primary element of any high converting landing page. It should be attractive, clickable and compliment the marketing objective. Use of contrasting colors is recommended to make it visually appealing and distinct to the visitor.

These are a few tricks that have worked for us without fail. If you want the comprehensive guide to a fool proof landing page, with more juice, just give us a yell.

An Agency that understands

Metric Labs is a diverse team of creative nerds motivated by data. We take our data seriously. We use it to fish out the most granular reports for you. Reports, that can give you an edge over your peers. and provide insights to iron out the creases in your marketing blueprint.

We care for our clients. Imagine working with a Landing Page Creation agency that cares for your business just as much as you do.  At Metric Labs, we understand that our success as a landing page creation agency is based on the success of our clients. We take time to understand our client’s businesses and work extensively to make sure that we deliver. You can also avail our range of digital agency services while we help you create high impact landing pages.

We have worked with clients from multiple industries, be it heavy machinery, fashion, I.T, retail etc. We can custom fit landing pages to your campaigns. Start designing high converting landing pages. Get in touch with Metric Labs.

Frequently asked questions

A landing page, also called a lead capture page or destination page is a stand alone web page that a visitor is led to after clicking on an organic search result or a paid ad. Landing pages are designed with the aim to make a visitor convert to a brand’s marketing campaign.

There are several factors to consider here. The main ingredients are including a clear value proposition, a minimalist and simplistic approach in design, social proof, a benefit statement and a distinct call to action button.

A landing page in a website might be any page contained within the website. Each page has a purpose and is a potential search engine landing page.

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