Revisions to the Advertising Section

Updates are being made to the Advertising section of Google Analytics to streamline reporting by gathering all relevant data for publishers and advertisers in one place. Users can now access the following areas for performance or behavioural reporting thanks to this update:

  • To improve the product and customer experience, the Reports area offers insights on how users interact with websites and apps.
  • With regard to campaign monitoring and analysis, the Advertising area will act as the main hub, serving the needs of both publishers and advertisers.
  • Moreover, anonymous and aggregated insights from ad campaigns, as well as behavioural insights, will be provided by the Data API, Custom Reports, and the Explore area.

The following adjustments will be implemented starting today:

  • The Advertising component will incorporate publisher reports and features, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ads.
  • A link to at least one Google Ads, AdSense, AdMob, Google Ad Manager, or Google Marketing Platform account is required in order to access the Advertising section.
  • The Advertising component will replace the Publisher advertisements report.

With regard to behavioural analytics as well as advertising or publisher information, these upgrades seek to deliver more customised experiences. To continue getting useful information, users who are monetising their sites with advertising or conducting ad campaigns should make sure their advertisements accounts are linked. A popup to link to an advertisements or publisher account will show up if no account is attached.

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