Primary Channel Group

Users now have access to a new, customisable channel group called the Primary Channel Group, which will act as the default reporting channel for all channel reports. Users can track the effectiveness of different channels driving traffic to their website by using these channels, which are rule-based definitions of website traffic sources. Users can control their default reporting channel through the Primary Channel Group. All custom channel groups that represent the most recent definitions throughout historical data are retained, and a record of custom channel changes over time is kept for historical reporting needs.

The Primary Channel Group’s initial set of requirements is identical to the Default Channel Group’s. As a result, unless the criteria for the Primary Channel Group are changed, all historical data in that group corresponds with that of the Default Channel Group. Users can change the Primary Channel Group’s criteria at any time to align it with any Custom Channel Group configuration that is currently in place. After that, the information in the Primary Channel Group will follow the parameters of the chosen Custom Channel Group going forward.

Through custom reporting, explorations, and the primary dimension picker, access to the default and custom channel groups is still maintained.

Learn more about how to configure your Primary Channel Group.

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