Manual traffic source dimensions and report

Google has added user-scoped, session-scoped, and event-scoped variations to eight new platform-agnostic traffic source dimensions. These characteristics have been applied consistently to sponsored and organic traffic, as well as Google media and third-party media channels. This feature is intended to improve the study of user behaviour and performance in cross-channel reporting, explorations, segments, and audiences.

The new dimensions are:

Source: Manual medium.
Manual source/medium.
Manual campaign names
Manual Campaign ID
Manual terms, manual content, and manual source platforms.
These dimensions are supplied using the UTM parameter values sent in click URLs for websites, as well as the newly introduced UTM values sent in the campaign_details event for mobile applications, notably FirebaseAnalytics.Param.CAMPAIGN_ID and FirebaseAnalytics.Param.SOURCE_PLATFORM.

Furthermore, the session-scoped dimensions are accessible via a newly released Manual.

Users can access this report by selecting “View Manual campaigns” in the Acquisition overview report within the Life cycle collection.

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