Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Google Analytics 4

Salesforce Marketing Cloud users now have the capability to integrate it with a Google Analytics 4 property directly through the Sales Marketing Cloud interface. If these users were previously engaged with the Universal Analytics 360 integration within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they can now seamlessly transition to using the same features within Google Analytics 4.

For the first time, this integration is accessible for both Google Analytics 4 standard and 360 properties. The experience is currently active in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for individuals who were previously using the integration with Universal Analytics 360.

The integration between Google Analytics 4 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud facilitates the synchronisation of audiences generated in Analytics with Marketing Cloud. Consequently, users can incorporate these audiences into their Salesforce email and SMS direct-marketing campaigns.

For more information on the Sales Marketing Cloud integration, users can refer to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud audience integration documentation.

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024