Improvements for large scale data

Google Analytics has updated the way it displays data quality icons in reports to provide more precise information at the individual card level. Instead of just showing the Data quality icon at the top of the Reporting snapshot report and the overview reports, the update now displays different messages for different cards, giving you more accurate information about each card in a report.

Additionally, a new “(other)” row message has been added to the data quality icon when a report is affected by cardinality limits, which groups less common data beyond the limits into this row. This new message provides several ways to reduce or eliminate these limits.

  • All properties now have a one-click option to create the same report in Explore. The “(other)” row never appears in Explore because it uses raw, event-level data.
  • Google Analytics 360 properties also have access to expanded data sets, allowing you to flag up to 100 reports per property as high priority. Google Analytics permanently removes the “(other)” row from the reports you’ve flagged.

Furthermore, new sampling controls have been introduced for Google Analytics 360 properties. These controls enable you to adjust the level of precision and speed in your explorations, with two options available: “More detailed results,” which uses the maximum sample size to provide the most precise representation of the full data set, and “Faster results,” which uses a smaller sample size to give faster results (this option is selected by default).

Learn more about these new features.

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