Improved compatibility between UA and GA4 ecommerce implementations

You can now start using Google Analytics 4 ecommerce reports without having to change your ecommerce implementation. The following steps can now be taken to make it easier to use GA4 ecommerce reports:

  • Recommended  Migrate and re-implement ecommerce to send GA4 ecommerce events  so you can take advantage of all Analytics features.
  • New  GA4 ecommerce events can be populated using your UA ecommerce implementation.
  • New  Use GA4 ecommerce events to populate your UA property with ecommerce data instead of UA ecommerce events. By using this option, you can continue to use your UA ecommerce reports while fully migrating to Google Analytics 4.

See the GA4 ecommerce migration guide to learn how to migrate from UA to GA4.

A new ecommerce migration helper tool is also available from Google Analytics

  • Determine the version and API/library you currently use to send ecommerce data
  • Check how your Analytics tags interpret your ecommerce events in Tag Manager
  • The corresponding events are listed for each Ecommerce implementation.

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