Google Analytics 4 introduces new time and date dimensions

Google Analytics 4 now offers new date and hour dimensions across explorations and reporting:

  • An event is collected at the time of the hour it occurred.
  • The nth hour indicates how many hours have passed since a specified date range began.
  • An event’s date and hour are the date and time when it was collected.
  • The week of the event is a two-digit number between 01 and 53. Every week begins on Sunday, and January 1st is always in Week 1.
  • Month refers to the month when the event occurred, a two-digit integer from 01 to 12.

These dimensions can help you answer questions like:

  • What was the hourly trend of my online sales data after the Superbowl commercial aired?
  • In what months does my website receive the most traffic?
  • Do users of my app convert more often in the evenings, or during the day? What about my website’s users?

Learn more about time dimensions in Google Analytics 4.

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