Google Analytics 4 audiences in Google Ad Manager

Users are now able to utilise third-party segments in conjunction with Google Analytics 4 audiences within Google Ad Manager. When an individual links their Analytics property to Google Ad Manager, and activates Google signals and enables ads personalisation in the link settings, audiences are automatically exported to Ad Manager. These audiences can be used directly for targeting purposes or can be blended with other audiences as needed. Additionally, users have the option to conduct analyses on these audiences to gain valuable insights.

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Set a default conversion value

This new feature allows users to establish a default value for a conversion event in Google Analytics. By doing so, in cases where the ‘currency’ and ‘value’ parameters are not specified for the conversion event, the system will automatically use the default value set by the user. However, if the event already contains a value, the set default value will not be applied.

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024