Conversions and key events

Google recently announced a simplification of Google Analytics reporting by consolidating the Advertising section, which now houses all relevant reporting for advertisers and publishers.

In conjunction with this update, Google has aligned the definition of conversions across Google Ads and Analytics, aiming to provide users with a more straightforward and intuitive experience when measuring and reporting conversions on both platforms.

Previously, there were disparities in how important events, identified as conversions in Analytics, were measured versus Google Ads conversions, resulting in inconsistencies across platforms.

Moving forward, events that track significant actions crucial to business success are now referred to as ‘key events.’ This behavioural data can be used to improve the user experience across multiple websites and apps.

The term ‘conversion’ now refers to a critical action used to assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns and optimise bidding strategies. Users can now access consistent conversion-based performance metrics in reports from both Google Ads and Analytics thanks to a unified definition of ‘conversion’.

Learn more here about the distinction between conversion and key events.

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024