Alert Regarding Excessive Event Collection in Properties

When a standard property exceeds the Large threshold or a 360 property becomes XL (collecting over 25 billion and 250 billion billable events in the last 31 days, respectively), the event-level data retention setting is automatically adjusted to two months, rendering event-level data older than two months inaccessible and permanently deleted. It’s important to note that this change will affect only a minimal number of Google Analytics properties.

If your property is approaching these limits based on weekly event volume, a warning email will now be sent to all property administrators. Upon reaching the limit, another email will be dispatched to all property administrators, notifying them of the reduced data retention setting.

During the period between these two notifications, you have the opportunity to decrease the number of billable events sent to the Google Analytics 4 property, ensuring compliance with the current limits for your property size and retaining longer event-level data. For those who receive warnings about a free property, upgrading to 360 is an option to access higher limits.

For additional information, refer to the details on data retention settings.

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