Month: July 2023

July 28, 2023

Google Analytics 4 audiences in Google Ad Manager

Users are now able to utilise third-party segments in conjunction with Google Analytics 4 audiences within Google Ad Manager. When an individual links their Analytics property to Google Ad Manager, and activates Google signals and enables ads personalisation in the link settings, audiences are automatically exported to Ad Manager. These audiences can be used directly for targeting purposes or can be blended with other audiences as needed. Additionally, users have the option to conduct analyses on these audiences to gain valuable insights.

Learn more about Google Analytics 4 audiences in Google Ad Manager

Set a default conversion value

This new feature allows users to establish a default value for a conversion event in Google Analytics. By doing so, in cases where the ‘currency’ and ‘value’ parameters are not specified for the conversion event, the system will automatically use the default value set by the user. However, if the event already contains a value, the set default value will not be applied.

July 21, 2023

Updates to the revenue metrics in explorations

In its latest update, Google Analytics introduces new revenue metrics in explorations, including:

  • Gross item revenue: Total revenue generated from items alone, excluding tax and shipping.
  • Gross purchase revenue: Total revenue derived from purchases made on your website or app.
  • Refund amount: The overall sum of refunds issued on your website or app.

Additionally, Google Analytics streamlines the Metrics picker in explorations by removing the following duplicative revenue metrics:

  • Ecommerce revenue
  • Event revenue

To track revenue from ecommerce transactions in explorations, you should use the Purchase revenue metric. While existing explorations that use the removed metrics will continue to function, it is advisable to update them and utilise the new revenue metrics for any new explorations.


July 20, 2023

Ecommerce dimensions and metrics are now available in the custom report builder

Google’s latest update, Google Analytics 4, introduces brand-new ecommerce elements to the custom reports builder. This allows users to craft personalised ecommerce reports from the ground up and/or modify existing standard ecommerce reports.

The following ecommerce dimensions are now available in the custom report builder:

Item affiliation
Item brand
Item category
Item category 2
Item category 3
Item category 4
Item category 5
Item ID
Item list ID
Item list name
Item list position
Item location ID
Item name
Item promotion creative name
Item promotion creative slot
Item promotion name
Item variant
Shipping tier
The following ecommerce metrics are now available in the custom report builder:

Gross item revenue
Gross purchase revenue
Item refund amount
Item revenue
Items added to cart
Items checked out
Items clicked in promotion
Items purchased
Items viewed
Items viewed in list
Items viewed in promotion
Purchase revenue
Refund amount
Shipping amount
Tax amount

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