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About us

Metric Labs is a multidisciplinary team who use mathematics, statistics and technology to deliver value to our clients.

Whether it’s a local startup or large multinational, our team has delivered growth for clients in a variety of industries using paid search, social media marketing , SEO and data analytics consulting.

We love experimenting with data and testing unconventional strategies to uncover new ways of reaching audiences, whether that’s targeting interests or adjusting advertising based on the weather to reach the right people at the right time.

Our experience spans all major digital channels, including paid and organic search, social, chatbot marketing, display and video advertising and a variety of automation platforms.


A Sydney based digital marketing agency that is a specialist ppc agency and uses data and tech to drive real value for its clients

Our aim is to be an extension of our client’s digital marketing teams and to position ourselves as their digital marketing partner and more so their seo agency sydney and ppc agency of choice. We spend a lot of time trying to understand our client’s businesses, for example, we have a mandatory immersion workshop at our clients’ office where we go through a whole heap of questions from understanding their USP, cost structures, CRMs, bestselling product all the way to their marketing calendars and how that maps to seasonality and budgets.

This ensures we combine our knowledge of digital marketing tech and available data with that of our clients’ business process to create tailored marketing strategies that deliver sustainable and incremental value to their businesses – it’s all about adding value, be it in the marketing front or overall business management. This in depth understanding of our client’s businesses puts us in a unique position to provide strategic growth advice that is wholistic and factors in all nuances of our clients’ business.

A clever, innovative and agile digital agency with extensive ppc agency experience

Our continued curiosity and huge appetite to learn is our biggest strength. As a ppc agency we place a heavy focus on knowledge acquisition and try and ensure every member of our team is up to date with all required technical knowledge. At Metric Labs we see ourselves as geeks in a good way, we are not afraid to change or learn a new skill if this is what we need to do to deliver Paid Search Agency and sem agency results for our clients.

Finding the best and most talented digital marketing experts to work within our boutique digital marketing agency

We have invested a lot of time in finding and training the best of the best digital marketers who share our vision for continued learning and delivering value to our clients. Through combining our strong understanding of marketing technology, data and passion for understanding businesses, we have been able to create and execute digital marketing strategies (especially ppc strategies) that have positioned our clients’ businesses as some of the top performers in their niches.

We are constantly thinking of more creative ways we can leverage our client’s data and strategies be it as a PPC Agency or otherwise in order to provide additional revenue or ROAS.

We understand that accurate end to end tracking is critical for the success of any marketing campaign more so a ppc agency strategy, so as a Google Adwords Agency we have spent a significant amount of time learning tracking tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics coupled with relevant data technologies like Python and R putting us at the forefront of marketing data analytics and reporting.

A Facebook and Google partner digital agency at the forefront of the data revolution

Over the years we have seen data literacy become a mandatory requirement for all marketing experts. With all marketing initiatives becoming data driven, we have invested a significant amount of resources in becoming a Analytics and Data Agency through our teams education in this fast growing space to ensure we are delivering the best possible industry knowledge. Our data team works closely with our marketing teams to ensure we maximise the value of all data acquired and deliver the most informed decisions to our clients. It goes without saying that data and marketing go hand in hand, so our marketing and data teams are constantly collaborating to ensure that data is accessible and accurate. We also believe in knowledge transfer as the two teams work hand in hand to understand all technical requirements and limitations present in all proposed strategies and execution.

Even the Social Media Marketing Agency is centered around the data and analytics team.

We have a local growth focus in Australia, especially Sydney, looking to service both mid-market and enterprise clients. Some of our offerings like Enterprise SEO Services are structured to serve clients with larger sites that are more complex and need more resources allocated to them. Other offerings like Ecommerce Agency are more for ecommerce clients who require digital marketing strategies to deliver consistent revenue at a predefined ROAS.

What makes our digital marketing agency different?

Our in-depth knowledge of technology, data and analytics is what makes us different. We are one of the only digital marketing agencies in Sydney with an in-house data scientist and web developer. This has put us in a strong position to go up against some of the biggest agencies in the market and outperform them in terms of value delivered to clients. This is value as incremental revenue, traffic, return on ad spend and advisory.

We also don’t follow the traditional account management process. All our ‘account managers’ also work on their respective client’s accounts. This means our clients get firsthand advice from the doers rather than an ‘account manager’. The structure allows for faster deployments, less errors due to translation and better quality advice.

We see ourselves as disruptors in this space: we strive to be the best in everything we do and go above and beyond for our clients. We have been nominated for multiple awards as a result of our efforts and driven significant growth for our clients.

Let us guide you through the complexities of digital marketing and help your business get to the next level. Get in touch today to learn more about us.


Social Media Marketing Awards 2019

Best Use of a Chatbot in Social Media Finalist

AMI Awards 2019

Small Budget Marketing Finalist

AC&E Awards 2019

Best Campaign using New Technology Finalist

SEMrush Search Awards 2019

Best B2B Campaign Finalist

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