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A clever Google Display Ads Agency

Metric Labs is one of the best data led display ad agencies in Sydney that has a proven track of delivering successful google ads strategies. We have worked with some of the top brands in Australia. While display ads can be found in hoards across the web, only strategic ads succeed. We know that well. We can help you optimise the Google Display Network (GDN) for the best ROAS. We use a recipe that combines great creatives and exceptional marketing acumen. This makes our display ad services unique and top notch.

We have catered to a wide clientele that includes IT, fashion, construction. fitness, facility management and many more.

Display Ads and Google Display Network

Google Display Network includes more than 2 million websites and has a reach of 90% of internet users. It’s immense capabilities to get your brand noticed and drive sales can’t be ignored. Businesses make ample use of display ads to get the maximum return on investments.

As an an experienced digital marketing agency, we know the power of relevant placement targeting, to get your ads before the right audience. B2B brands uses display ads for a cost effective upper funnel play. For B2C, it mostly boils down to which part o the customer journey they want to target. The scope of using multiple ad-formats, including video & banner along with re-marketing , makes GDN highly effective and a favourite among advertisers. Conversions can sky rocket if display ads are done right.

GDN features we love:

  •   Its unparalleled reach : with more than two million websites and six hundred fifty thousand apps.
  •   Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Finance are part of the Display Network, as are blogs mobile apps & unaffiliated sites.
  •   The display network targets people in the right places at the right time.Targeting by topic and placement can be best exploited on GDN.
  •   Display advertising on GDN makes re-targeting customers close to conversion possible, driving sales.
  •   Valuable ROI based traffic for both acquisition & retention.

As a google display ads agency, we can arm your display campaigns with well-crafted strategies customised for the display network. Meet your business goals by optimising your display ads. Beat the competition by getting noticed first. Avail our google display marketing services.

Campaign Structure Strategy

Being an experienced google PPC and display advertising agency, we totally get the importance of having a fool proof campaign structure. A strong campaign structure is the foundation of a successful display advertising campaign. At Metric Labs, we stick to this.

Even though it’s our data driven agency’s well-kept secret, we want to share a few strategies with you:


  •   Client immersion workshop
  •   Custom Adwords Strategy development 
  •   Google ads conversion tracking implementation
  •   Strategy review with the client + approvals

Campaign Structure

  •    Consistent Nomenclature : : best google practices.
  •    Topic/Goal Separation
  •    Geo-targeting for multi region account.
  •    Segmentation by remarketing, placements, topics.
  •    Separation by bidding strategy-smart vs manual
  •    Performance Separation (after performance section Audit)
  •    Combined budgets (if necessary)
  •    Daily budgets’ consistency

Ad Group Structure

  •   Ad group naming by targeting methods
  •   Demarcation of ad groups by type of ads-video/banner etc.
  •   Targeting by audience/location/demographics/keywords
  •   Optimisation by ad schedule/device/location/topics
  •   Bidding Effectiveness

Display Ads

  •    Ads scheduling
  •    A/B testing
  •    Optmyzr performance assessment

Our Display Advertising Strategies

Being an award winning digital marketing agency, with extensive experience in Google Adwords and PPC advertising, we know just the right display advertising strategies that deliver. 

  •    We use granular audience targeting to drive results that matter.
  •    We make sure you get an edge over your competitors. We go big on competitor analysis.
  •    Smart or manual bidding? We give you the right answers.
  •    We go an extra length to optimise your budget. We make sure you get the best ROAS.
  •    Want to track your ads and see results? Leave the conversion tracking on us.
  •    We are data led. We are transparent. We rely on data & analytics to measure your campaign success. We make sure you know
  •    We use a mix of everything, ranging from responsive display ads to smart bidding. In short, custom made strategies tailored to your business.

An Agency that cares

Metric Labs is not just another agency that wants to do business. You can rely on us to be emphatic to your business. We understand your business needs and marketing goals. Our diligent team of digital marketing think tanks are at your disposal to give you the best advertising strategies. We are honest and transparent when it comes to communication. We measure our efforts for your brand. Most importantly, we make sure you get the correct information. Google has partnered with us. You can too! Let us drive your google display marketing initiatives to success. Get in touch today!

Frequently asked questions

-By understanding the Google Display Network and your targeting options. Google Display ads are ads that are created through Google Adwords and over the Google Search Network. The differentiating factor is that your ads will be shown outside of search results, on the millions of websites which are part of the GDN, and you can define your targeting by in-market & affinity, similar audiences, placement and topic targeting. The way you pay depends on the bidding strategy chosen : manual or smart.

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Websites, apps, Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Finance and also affiliate websites and blogs.

Display advertising has many advantages that can improve your business’ online presence. Re-targeting, effective placement and measurability makes display advertising ideal for businesses. Metric Labs recommends and uses custom strategies in combination with display ads to get optimised results.

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