Goodbye 2020

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“It’s been a rollercoaster of a year but we have been very fortunate to have minimal impact from all the craziness of 2020. The highlight for me has been the resilience exhibited by the team and our clients who believed in us through the tough times. We’ve had strong growth amidst the pandemic and I am super excited to see how we go next year in the new normal. I am super grateful for all the work by our dedicated team and I would just like to say thank you!”

– Our director, Vincent!

In a year where it seemed like everything was going wrong, Metric Labs braved the storm by embracing the groundbreaking concept of… working from home. It was truly a year for us to shine what with the online sphere being as popular as ever and, while this kept us busy, we also found time to make a new office playlist, have fun team lunches, and deeply discuss the latest Netflix shows.

We were also lucky enough to experience some team growth and fresh faces this year! In 2020 we welcomed to the team: Dom (our Software Developer/ Tech Guy and walking encyclopaedia), Lakshmi (a PPC genius and chai fanatic), Mark (Sales Wizard and the source of any English accents you might hear from us), and Olivia (a new addition to the social media marketing team and token Gen Z-er).

Being trained and onboarded through a screen is never easy but, being a group of “super cool, solution-oriented, data-driven nerds” (as Lakshmi calls us), this new sweatpants and slippers set-up was accepted by all. Featuring copious amounts of Google Meet, Slack, and coffee, of course.

Want to know what else we’ve been doing this year? Read on!


Aside from our continual technical SEO audits, religiously reading SEJ, and stalking Google for updates, we explored new PPC marketing tools (and blogged about them) and wired on structured data for our pages to be featured in rich results. We’re always tracking, and looking for the next best thing to get everyone the best turn-out.

SEO as a field continues to evolve in complexity, striking a fine balance between technical strategic advantages and fine-grain research based content delivery. As a data driven company we’re more than happy to refine our skills and continue to add leading edge optimisations.  

Social Media Marketing

This year was especially wild for social media with just about everyone and their mothers turning to Facebook to sell their products. We had a bunch of fun, new experiences and are glad to say that we reached our objectives with each client. We’ve worked with a broad range of  B2B and B2C clients from different industries, offering everything from sustainable fashion, entertainment, e-learning platforms, furniture, food boxes and more! We’re looking forward to keeping on developing our skills and employing a more creative approach in the coming year as the team expands and can’t wait to see what comes next!


This year we expanded our chatbot offerings with Conversational AI-driven chatbots powered by Dialogflow, Google’s NLP. It’s the same tech that powers Google Assistant! Through the power of machine learning, we’ve created customer service chatbots to take the burden off of customer service teams. If you’re interested in chat bots, keep an eye on out here: We’re working on a chatbot for our own website!

Sales and Growth

There is never a dull day with Metric Labs. We’re always speaking with business professionals and entrepreneurs from some of the most established and up-and-coming brands Australia and the rest of the world has to offer. Our teams have been working super hard to meet client goals and develop relationships, and it’s always incredible to see brands develop when you’re a part of it!

So where can you find us in 2021? Likely still in North Sydney and, more often than not, in our Metric Labs merch sipping tea or eating poke bowls. Watch out for that little orange square because you’ll be seeing more of it soon!


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Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024