Goodbye, 2019! ?

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Another year has gone by – it’s been a flurry of keywords, data, and ads. According to the common schoolyard saying, “first the worst, second the best”, Metric Labs’ second year of business was bound to be full of new and exciting things. Amidst the whirlwind of SEO, PPC, and socials, we’ve achieved some major accomplishments and started some fun projects, and we’re more than proud to show them off!

Moved to North Sydney 

Earlier in the year, we moved from our original office in Redfern to our new home in North Sydney. Metric Labs started as a 3 person company in a dusty warehouse in Redfern with no temperature control and a leaky roof. We’re happy to report that we’re moving onwards and upwards and are now a team of 7, happy as clams in our new leak-proof building. 

Mumbrella 360

In June, our director, Vince, and Messaging Marketing Specialist, Joey, gave a masterclass in building chatbots at Mumbrella 360. It was our first time being asked to present at such a large and exciting event and we had a blast. 

We began the presentation with a quiz: What people love about you based on your coffee order. Curious? Click here to take the quiz 😉

Won finalists for multiple awards 

It’s not bragging, if it’s true, right? We were shortlisted in 4 awards this year: Social Media Marketing Awards, AMI Awards, AC&E Awards and SEMrush Search Awards. We were up against world class agencies like Ogilvy and Thinkerbell! 

Congratulations to the whole team for these great achievements in only our second year and thank you for all the hard work. 


Promotions within the team

Earlier this year, two members of our team were promoted to reflect their knowledge and experience. 

Congratulations to Katie who has been with us for over a year now and was promoted to Senior Paid Social Specialist! Katie has worked in digital in both Australia and the United States and we’ve been so happy to benefit from her fashion and Facebook eCommerce genius. 

Also, congratulations to Joey on her one year anniversary as our Messenger Marketing Specialist. She began working at Metric Labs just to help out with administration and odd jobs but soon discovered conversation design and has been sharpening her bot building, natural language processing, and marketing skills over the past 12 months, 

Welcome Santi

Earlier this year, we were over the moon to welcome a brand new member to our team. Santi joined our Paid Social team and has had digital marketing experience in both Sydney and Buenos Aires, and he’s a Facebook advertising wizard. 

Santi was a breath of fresh air to our team and not only embraced our AZWAP initiative, but improved on it. He is the brains behind our AZWAP sub-project called Park Litter Patrol. Since he has started, he has filled many jars with cigarette butts and made the local lunch spot spotless. 

Welcome Erick

Metric Labs has been growing since its inception in 2018 and we have no plans of slowing down. Cue Erick, our Business Development Manager! It had been a real process looking for the right person for our fast-paced team, but we’ve finally found the one. We welcomed Erick later in the year but he’s already become an integral member of the team.  

Congratulations to Gary 

Our Senior Paid Search Specialist, Gary, has achieved a huge milestone this year and graduated from his Masters of Data Science at Macquarie University! Congratulations, Gary! 

He was a vital contributor to our data-driven case study that won us Finalist for Best B2B Campaign in the SEMrush Search Awards. Not many agencies can say they have an in-house data scientist and we are extremely proud to have Gary in our team. 

Farewell Hum

Clearly, our team has grown into a happy family, but next year means a fond farewell to our Social Director, Accounts Manager, and resident Leo – Hum. Hum has been with Metric Labs from the start and helped us learn how to walk, run, and fly. 

Equipped with her birth cards, The Death and The Emperor, she will be going on to practice law and consequently save the world. Thank you for all your hard work and expertise, Hum. You will be sorely missed!

Launched our As Zero Waste As Possible Initiative

After moving into a brand-spanking new office space in North Sydney, were disappointed to find out that our building didn’t provide recycling services. We knew we didn’t want to contribute to landfill more than was necessary but then we thought, why stop at recycling? We went one step further and tried to go as zero-waste as possible. 

We wrote a whole blog on how and why we started our As Zero Waste as Possible (nicknamed AZWAP) Initiative that also has tips for how you can help reduce waste in your own office. 

2019 was a big year for us and we’re more than excited to start 2020! See you next year and have a relaxing and well-earned summer break 🧡

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024