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At Metric Labs we use robust tracking frameworks and data engineering techniques to give you a complete and accurate view of your business’ performance. We then meld that data with business and strategic thinking to identify new opportunities for you to exploit.

We are experts in all aspects of analytics, from measurement framework development, analytics implementation, attribution modelling, advanced segmentation to data visualisation.

We will work with you to maximise the value of your data so you can consistently make informed decisions.

Discover how we can enhance your business performance through data analytics.

Analytics issues we can help you resolve

Data Analytics

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Measurement Framework Development

Data works best when it is aligned with business goals, which is what our measurement framework helps to achieve.

We define:
  • Business goals
  • Map the customer journey
  • KPI determination
  • Identify channels and devices
  • Segment existing customers
  • Identify data sources
  • Implement tracking
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Google Analytics implementation or audit

Our Google Analytics implementation will enhance your data integrity, allowing you to surface the right insights when needed and accelerate your business growth.

We address the following:
  • Google Tag Manager set up
  • Google Analytics Tag implementation
  • Goal (conversion) tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Internal search set up
  • Third party tools integration
  • Multiple view set up
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Google Tag Manager Services

Metric Labs has a deep expertise in deploying end-to-end Google Tag Manager for your business, we assist with Google Tag Manager set up, dataLayer design and configuration as well as tag, trigger and variable set up and management.

We implement:
  • Google Tag Manager set up
  • DataLayer Design and configuration
  • Custom variable creation
  • Tag configuration
  • Trigger development
  • Ongoing Management
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Data visualisation & reporting

Often people find large sets of data confronting, which is why we have developed an expertise in data visualisation, creating digestible snapshots of the information you need to understand.

Solutions include:
  • Real time dashboard creation
  • Automated reports
  • Power BI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Supermetrics and Google Sheets

Client testimonials

"Metric Labs expertly transitioned our Universal Analytics to GA4, set up custom tracking and events, provided comprehensive training, and built detailed Looker Studio reports. They also secured our historical data in BigQuery, ensuring nothing was lost.

Their knowledgeable, proactive, and responsive team made the process seamless. Working with them was a pleasure, and their dedication was evident throughout. I highly recommend Metric Labs for their outstanding service and expertise."

Annabelle De Vos



“I have worked with Vincent from Metric Labs for over 5 years now.

Over the years we have seen our organic visibility and revenue grow by over 170% with our paid search growing over 600% making us the leading police check vendor in Australia.

The team at Metric Labs is also diligent, responsive and really pleasant to work with"

Martin Lazarevic

National Crime Check


“It comes down to integrity and the ability to deliver that would define the Metric Labs team.

In this forever evolving digital landscape, Metric Labs is always coming up with clever ways to stay ahead of the curve and get cut-through in this saturated space.

If you are in need of an amazing digital agency, you really don’t need to look any further than Metric Labs.”

Lauren Earl

Manning Cartell


“We have worked with Metric Labs on building our digital marketing presence. We’ve found the team extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.

They have helped us to grow our leads by a significant amount and were always in contact about campaign activities.

The team also provided us with invaluable reporting and insight into our campaigns, which allowed us to regularly iterate and improve to consistently meet our objectives.”

Stephanie Lay

Good Capital Group

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About Us

Metric Labs is a multidisciplinary team who use mathematics, statistics and technology to deliver value to our clients.

Whether it’s a local startup or large multinational, our team has delivered growth for clients in a variety of industries using insights derived from data strategy, analytics and data visualisation.

Optimise your product strategy and marketing by leveraging customer data through data analytics.

Data analytics is the science of analysing data to generate insights and help businesses optimise their performance. It is a continual cycle of gathering, cleaning and analysing data. Through mathematical modelling, insights can be generated to power business decision.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of tracking set up should we have?

Generally, we suggest using Google Tag Manager to manage your marketing tags and tracking. It helps to make tracking setups easy and allows for quick changes to be made. From Google Tag Manager, we can send data and conversions to other services like Google Analytics or Google Ads.

What is GA4?

Google Anayltics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google’s free analytics service that allows you to measure and analyse the traffic that visits your website or app.

Why is it important to implement GA4?

With Google sunsetting Universal Analytics in July 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be the only analytics platform offered by Google.

If you want to measure your website traffic, improve your SEO and run Google Ads campaigns, Google Analytics still remains the best tool to help do so. 

Who will own the data that is collected?

Google Analytics 4 data can be exported to BigQuery or other data stores, meaning that you can take ownership of the data that is being collected.

Where will the data be stored?

The analytics data will be stored in BigQuery within Google Cloud. If you have other data storage requirements, get in touch and we can see if we can accommodate your needs.

How do I get started with data analytics?

Getting started is simple. Just email us at hello@metriclabs.com.au or call us on 02 9160 0711 .


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