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Conversation artificial intelligence (AI) refers to an array of technologies that users can interact with via voice or text. Virtual assistants like chatbots and voicebots are the leading examples of these technologies. Their overarching objective is to respond to human questions in an interactive, conversational way.

Conversational AI technologies use machine learning fed by large volumes of data and natural language processing to help imitate human interactions. They recognise speech and text inputs, process that data, and translate their meanings across multiple languages.

Chatbots vs voicebots

Chatbots are software programs powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allow humans to interact with computers, smartphones and tablets and other machines via text. Voicebots are like chatbots, except that they respond to human queries or commands articulated by voice.


Bots can serve many purposes

Bots can perform many chores. They let you dictate text into a Word document, speak a search command into Bing or Google, or type text into a text box on your internet-connected device to request customer support. Bots are driving and revolutionizing the way humans interact with machines and nowhere is this more apparent than in customer care. Businesses are building chatbots and voicebots at an accelerated pace.

Bots are transforming customer care

Bots allow companies to provide their customers around the world with improved support 24/7. The bots comprise virtual, rather than human, assistants and are usually the first point of contact a customer makes with a business. That contact can be either via telephone in the case of voicebots or internet-connected device in the case of chatbots.

Customers interact with the bots to state their request in a conversational way. The virtual agents can provide authentic, accurate responses to frequently asked questions or requests for specific information. If they cannot deal with the query, it is handed over to a human assistant.

Bots are changing the work performed by humans

Bots are changing the workload performed by humans at call centres. They relieve human agents from doing repetitive, mundane tasks, which frees staff to serve customers on more complex, multi-step tasks that bots aren’t capable of.

Conversational AI bots capable of much further development

Experts believe conversational AI bots are at an early stage of their development and that their role is likely to be expanded in the future. Conversational AI will solve a broader range of problems that involve ever more complex tasks. Online customer support is expected to be improved while new applications will include employee training, health care services, internet-of-things devices, computer software, and improving accessibility by handicapped members of society to a whole host of services.

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Metric Labs is a diverse team of creative nerds motivated by data. We take our data seriously and use it to fish out the most granular reports for you. Reports can give you an edge over your peers and provide insights to iron out the creases in your marketing blueprint.

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The team at Metric Labs is also diligent, responsive and really pleasant to work with"

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Stephanie Lay

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Conversational AI?

A Conversational AI is a type of bot driven by natural language processing and machine learning that can have “human-like” back and forth interactions with users. 

What is the difference between Conversational AI and Chatbots?

Chatbots are constructed using rules and systems that force a user to go through pre-defined flows or conversation routes. A conversational AI utilises natural language processing and machine learning to allow for a more “human-like” interaction between a user and the AI.

What is the best Conversational AI?

There are many Conversational AI platforms available, such as Google’s Dialogflow, IBM’s Watson or Rasa. Google’s Dialogflow, which uses the same technology as Google Assistant, has many already existing integrations and support that make it quick and easy to deliver complex Conversational AI solutions.

How do you create a Conversational AI?

Simple—get in touch!

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