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What is happening to privacy on the internet?
Sep 23 2022 | by Vincent

With the launch of the iPhone 13 in 2021 came iOS 14 and Apple’s new user privacy features. These features impact advertising, particularly Facebook Ads, so it’s essential to...

What is CAPI?
Sep 6 2022 | by Dom

What is CAPI? CAPI is short for Conversion API and is the latest method for tracking conversions with Facebook. The Conversions API is used for tracking users, events and...

Questions To Ask Your Digital Agency
May 19 2021 | by Mark

On the hunt for a new digital agency? Having trouble communicating with your current one? Or just taking a look around to see what’s out there? Regardless of which,...

Researching Interests for a 2021 Audience
Apr 6 2021 | by Olivia

Working on creating an interest-based audience for your product or service? Have you exhausted Audiences and Audience Insights? Feeling a little uninspired or not sure where to start? We’ve...

Facebook’s Conversion API (CAPI) Implementation on Shopify
Feb 8 2021 | by Vincent

Social media advertising is going through unprecedented change as users demand more privacy and technology giants move away from browser based tracking toward server side tracking. As opposed to...

Facebook’s Response To Apple’s iOS 14 Updates
Jan 28 2021 | by Olivia

With the upcoming privacy changes in iOS14, Facebook has made plans to accommodate advertisers and their Facebook ads. The following information is derived from Facebook’s Web Advertising Guidance for...

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024