Launching eCommerce for Manning Cartell

About the client

Manning Cartell is an established Australian designer brand. The brand’s bold, feminine and highly sought after designs are the collective vision of three sisters. Known for their innovative, ethical and sustainable business practices, Manning Cartell is worn by stylish women worldwide. 

The challenge

Our client is a well-known designer brand with an existing customer base. Their brand equity, store traffic and design ethos meant that the business was very successful without digital marketing. 

For the long term growth and success of the brand, it was important to the client that Manning Cartell established itself in the cultural conversation occurring online, especially amongst younger audiences. 

An influencer campaign and digital PR strategy was already underway, and we were approached to amplify these efforts in the paid media space. 

Scope of work


Paid social campaign strategy and management


Paid Search set up and Management

Our solution

We based our strategy around Manning Cartell’s strong foundations and brand presence in the high end Australian fashion space. Our social campaign structure reflected the rich data the client had on their customers. 

We built highly structured Facebook campaigns, segmented by user journey, with targeted creative. To achieve the granularity of these campaigns, we used multiple methods:  

  • Users who had never had an interaction with the brand were targeted using demographic data, behavioural data, and Facebook Lookalike audiences. 
  • We served high end editorial creative to these audiences to introduce the brand’s narrative and values. 
  • Users who engaged with the brand from our cold campaigns (and other sources) were then targeted with product and benefit based creative. 
  • Finally,  abandoned cart users were targeted with catalogue creative, showing price points. 

The granularity of the audiences within each campaign allowed us to adjust budgets, creative and targeting to achieve highly efficient spend, with ROAS above 12 in all campaigns.  

We also completed integration between the client’s eCommerce and EDM platforms and Facebook. Automating new database signups and catalogue refreshes meant a lot of time saved for both agency and client. This also facilitated highly cost efficient remarketing and lead generation campaigns.

The brand’s established reputation within high-income earners and the lack of any previous digital marketing activity meant there was an opportunity to introduce the brand to a younger market. To achieve cut through with this demographic, we built a chatbot to engage them with their preferred mode of communication – interactive and conversational messaging. The bot helps users plan outfits, alerts them to new items, provides information about sales, and delivers influencer content.  The bot is supported by a paid social campaign, with the aim to sign up a large portion of younger consumers in Messenger rather than EDM, as we tend to see higher engagement rates in that platform. 


  • x13.60 overall ROAS
  • x32.28 ROAS in Dynamic Remarketing campaigns 
  • $0.79 Overall Cost Per Landing Page View
  • Instagram Reach and Traffic CPMs consistently under $1.80

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024