Brand awareness through Paid search: Interior Design Online

About the client

Interior Design Online offers diploma and certificate courses in interior design, in addition to short courses in designing and designing software (AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup etc.)

With the help of short, compact online courses that are delivered entirely online, IDO equips design enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge they need.

IDO has both accredited and non- accredited courses to suit a wide range of people with different tastes and requirements as well as time constraints. 

The courses are self paced and on completion of courses, students can walk away with a certificate of completion.

The challenge

An agency that was data-driven and results-driven was sought by the client to drive student enrollments and brand awareness via paid search on Google.

Interior Design Online’s primary goal was to increase enrollments and student registrations.  Aside from this, they also wanted to raise brand awareness.

The client was looking to grow revenue from the new enrollments from both local and international applications. The revenue KPI was incremental month on month revenue growth. 

The brand name being very generic also posed a challenge, as we had to be strategic with the keywords , hoping not to rope in a very generic crowd while losing budget. The brand terms could bring in both people looking for interior design services or students looking to enrol in interior design courses.

Scope of work


Paid Search Campaign set up


Keyword Research


RLSA Campaigns


Tracking and Reporting


Ad Customizer set up

Our solution

IDO already had a Google Ads account that was managed internally.  There was a problem with the account structure. In spite of this, historical data from the campaign provided a great foundation for a future data-driven strategy. To capitalize on this existing asset, we conducted a full scale campaign audit, analysing the following aspects.

  • Search term report 
  • Device performance
  • Location audits
  • Ad performance
  • Bidding strategies
  • Negative keyword audits

Armed with this intel and the client’s expected CPA and revenue targets, we devised a strategy that factored in all these elements. 

The account and campaigns were restructured using smart optimisation.

We split the campaigns based on Brand,  Certificate & Diploma and Short Courses.  As the brand had a great visual aspect to it, Display campaigns were a great fit.  

The Brand Campaigns were split and restructured into a Brand Pure and Brand Related campaign.   The Brand Pure had pure brand terms, while the brand related contained  keywords that had  variations of the brand name. This was done due to the very generic nature of the brand name and to control spend on non converting but high CTR keywords. We could flex our budget on the right crowd this way, lowering overall CPA.

A smart Display and a Display Remarketing campaign (to retarget audience which  had dropped off close to converting) were created.

We also created a Dynamic Search Ad Campaign, as all the course categories had unique urls we could target. DSA campaigns help fill in the gaps in keyword campaigns for a better return on investment (ROI) through incremental traffic.  

Using a shared budget for the short courses allowed us to test which course would perform best, without worrying about overspending. 

By sharing budgets, we were able to see which courses did well, which were then moved out of the shared budget into individual ones and allocated more funds. As a result, we were able to get more conversions for a lower spend. 

In addition to the strategies mentioned, we also used dynamic search ads, a mix of smart and manual bidding, and clever negative keyword strategies.

As a result of taking over the account, IDO is now generating 10-14 leads per week as opposed to two leads per week previously. Conversion volume has increased significantly, while CPA has decreased.


Below are the results achieved for the clients over the first 6 months of engagement compared to the same time previous year.

  • 77.27% Improvement in average CPCs
  • 2.85% drop in paid search Cost Per Acquisition
  • 238.89 % Increase in CTR
  • 18.31% Increase in overall conversions
  • 1,566.7% increase in Enrolment Applications

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024