Generating online awareness for CB Radio Wholesalers

About the client

CB Radio Wholesalers is an e-commerce site owned by Digicom Wireless, which provides radio rental, purchase, and service and repair.

CB Radio was Digicom’s brand new foray into e-commerce. Their main agenda was to increase revenue through sales.

Their products are premier grade two way radios + accessories across brands like Motorola, Uniden, Kenwood, Hytera, Icom.

The marketing goal with them was to increase sales and revenue.

The challenge

Having launched their new website, CBC Radio Wholesalers was looking for a digital agency to help them gain online visibility and increase e-commerce sales.

The primary objective of CB Radio was to increase conversions, or purchases. Additionally, they wanted to increase brand awareness through paid traffic.

As CB Radio Wholesalers had just launched their brand new website, We had to create their account from scratch.

CB Radio was Digicom’s first effort in ecomm sales, so they needed to leverage Digicom’s well performing products and launch it in the market. Having just entered the market, it was difficult to find the right strategy to make them successful.

As we also ran Digicom’s paid search ads, it was the client’s requirement that the keywords in both accounts did not overlap. This was tough, as we had the same products and brands to promote.

Scope of work


Paid Search Campaign set up 


Keyword Research


Tracking and Reporting

Our solution

We studied Digicom’s account to infer which products and brands were the top movers in conversions. Since the objective was not to have overlapping keywords, we decided to go only with Motorola, Uniden, Axis, Kenwood, Icom brand campaigns.

The categories selected :

  • Two Way Radios
  • Radio Accessories

The search campaigns were structured as follows:

  • Motorola
  • Ad groups by product models
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Ad groups by
  • Two way Radios
  • Accessories

Apart from the standard search campaigns, we also created two shopping campaigns.

  • Smart Shopping
  • Standard Shopping campaign

The Standard shopping was structured by brand product groups, to achieve more granularity and flexibility in bidding.

For keywords we used variations for

  • Two way radios
  • UHF radio
  • VHF radio
  • Handheld Radios
  • Mobile CB radio 
  • Accessories

Most of the budget was allocated to the shopping campaign, as it had the lowest cost per acquisition.


Below are the results achieved for the clients after 3 months into launching the campaigns :

  • 93.72% ROAS Improvement
  • 93.4% increase in user acquisition by Paid Search
  • 69.09% increase in Purchases
  • 92.71% improvement Chat Engagements


Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024