Email + social integration

About the client

Our client is a high end fashion brand with headquarters in Sydney and retail stores nationwide. The client has ecommerce presence in the UK and US.

With a large ecommerce and retail presence, the client has built a large and dedicated customer base, with a sophisticated and effective email strategy. As a result, email as a marketing channel has played an important role in driving sales for the brand.

The challenge

The client has been operating for a number of years, accruing emails from retail stores and online. Recently, they started to experience diminishing returns on their EDM strategies. A typical pattern is declining open rates followed by lower click and conversion rates.

This is the natural result of a larger database – as the numbers get larger, it’s harder to maintain the high metrics common at smaller scale.  As customer bases mature, it’s typical to find old emails, opt outs and diminishing returns.

Metric Labs was tasked with finding new strategies to motivate the unengaged customers and improve the average customer lifetime value.

Scope of work


Paid digital marketing strategy 


Paid social campaign management 

Our solution

Metric Labs worked with the client to design a sustainable solution leveraging an integration between Emarsys (CRM) and Facebook Audiences to re-engage mature audience across platforms. Using advanced segmentation in Emarsys we built multiple audiences for the unengaged mature users. The native integration was used to push the Emarsys segments to Facebook Audiences.

The cross platform data enrichment with Emarsys segments in Facebook makes it possible to build tailored offers, imagery and messaging for the different unengaged users reflecting their traits based on a larger pool of data points.

Deploying the Emarsys and Facebook integration led to fast, positive results. We achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.8. This means for every dollar spent on Facebook advertising, the client made $6.80. An astonishing result from an audience that was previously unengaged.


  • Return on Ad Spend of 6.8
  • 20% higher Average Order Value compared to all standard campaigns
  • 30% higher Click Through Rates compared to cold conversion campaigns

We’d be happy to help you find better returns on your email and social campaigns. Please feel free to email us at hello@metriclabs.com.au to see how we can help you.

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