Driving Coreserve’s lead volume with ad customisers

About Coreserve

Coreserve is one of Australia’s largest managed solutions companies. The company offers a myriad of venue management services like waste management, pest control, cleaning and repair of all catering equipment.

Coreserve services over 1000 venues weekly with a 24/7 help desk providing high level customer service.

The challenge

Coreserve is an on-call Catering Equipment repair business that depends on a consistent flow of enquiries throughout the day.

Servicing large metro areas like Sydney and Melbourne with strategically placed depots and personnel means a single day with low lead flow can have a disproportionate negative effect on margins.

With declining lead volumes and a competitive market, Coreserve reached out to us as they needed an expert who can help consistently drive a large volume of leads via SEM channels.

Scope of work


SEM management and optimisation


Link building and SEO management


Performance data analysis in Google Analytics

Our solution

Understanding the competitive nature of the equipment repair industry we started off by performing advanced keyword research to uncover longer tail high converting keywords with competitive bids.

Armed with a list of over 3500 keywords we went on to device a robust account structure that could adapt to varying location targeting and created a keyword match type strategy to compliment the account structure.

Throughout the account structure and research phase we knew that we needed something more to stay ahead of the competition. Leveraging the immense power of ad customisers, we built multiple location feeds across all metro areas, we then created dynamic ad copy that used the ad customiser feed to serve unique ads to users based on their location. The ads were then mapped to the most relevant landing page to streamline user experience.


Over the next few months we saw improvements not only in ad copy quality and ad visibility, we also achieved real results in terms of click throughs, conversions and revenue.

  • CTR raise more than 168% compared to market averages.
  • Conversion rates hovered around 15% – 20%,
  • 93% of keywords had QS greater than 7
  • 90% of keywords had above average Ad relevance QS

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024