Driving clients through paid search: Juggle street

About the client

Juggle Street is one of Australia’s largest childcare marketplace. The mission of Juggle Street is to build networks of trust and cooperation between families and local helpers of all ages.

Juggle Street is an “introductory platform” posting babysitting and nanny jobs introducing parents to local helpers. Parents who are busy working can find local help through Juggle Street.

The challenge

Juggle Street connects parents with sitters, tutors, au pairs, and other childcare providers.

The client was looking to partner with a data driven and results oriented agency to help drive parent acquisition via paid search on Google.

For Juggle Street, acquiring parent subscriptions at a predefined CPA was the primary goal. The CPA was based on the client’s investor expectations as it was modeled to forecast future capital raising initiatives and growth projections.

Secondary to the CPA target, the client was looking to grow revenue from the new parent sign ups. The revenue KPI was incremental month on month revenue growth.

Scope of work


Paid Search Campaign set up


Keyword Research


RLSA Campaigns


Tracking and Reporting


Ad Customizer set up

Our solution

Juggle Street had an existing Google Ads account that was managed internally. The campaign had great historical data that would help drive the future data driven strategy. In order to capitalise on this existing asset we conducted a full scale campaign audit analysing the following aspects of the account:

  • Search term report 
  • Device performance
  • Location audits
  • Ad performance
  • Bidding strategies
  • Negative keyword audits

Armed with this intel and the client’s expected CPA and revenue targets, we devised a strategy that factored in all these elements. 

The first  thing we did was to split campaigns based on location as this was the main driver of conversions. Metro areas in Sydney and Melbourne had higher CPAs compared to rural areas so splitting the campaigns by location meant we retain control of budget and can better optimise campaigns to achieve the desired CPA. 

Beyond the location splitting we set up ad customisers for metro area campaigns, ad customisers have the effect of improving CTR and quality score leading to lower CPCs and as a result lower CPA when conversion rates stay unchanged.

We also used the search terms report to restructure the campaigns and ad groups around the service type (sitter, tutor, after school care etc). With certain services being significantly more expensive than others, isolation campaigns by service and location played a major role in improving CPAs. 

On top of the strategies mentioned, we also incorporated dynamic search ads, a mix of smart and manual bidding, clever negative keyword strategies and match types building further efficiencies across the board.


Below are the results achieved for the clients over the first 6 months of engagement compared to the same time previous year.

  • 33% Improvement in average CPCs
  • 31% drop in paid search Cost Per Acquisition
  • 64% Increase in CTR
  • 40% Increase in overall revenue

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024