Data-driven marketing with Coreserve

About the client

Coreserve is a facility management company based in Sydney. The company offers mobile commercial kitchen appliance repairs to hospitality businesses – restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. The client was looking to increase leads for mobile commercial kitchen appliance repairs.

The challenge

The client is in a competitive industry with small margins, and they are acutely aware of their return on investment. We applied a comprehensive data-driven marketing approach to their search campaigns to achieve consistent, positive results. 

There were multiple challenges on this account: 

  1. Both domestic and commercial appliance repair audiences share the same search queries, but the client services only commercial machines. We needed a way to filter out domestic “fridge repair” queries from commercial “fridge repair” queries. 
  2. The client has a highly localised service, and can only service certain areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Scope of work


Initial consultation


Paid search implementation and management


Data analysis and reporting 

Our solution

In order to target this commercial segment from audiences, we created two types of campaigns based on the keyword type. One campaign addressed generic appliance searches and the other one addressed brand name searches. 

To achieve relevance for the generic campaigns, we prefixed words like “commercial’, ‘industrial’ and all their variants to the keyword. So instead of bidding for  ‘fridge repairs’, we were bidding for ‘commercial fridge repairs’.

For brand name searches, we compiled a list of appliance brand names segmented by commercial-only brands, domestic-only brands and brands that cater to both commercial and domestic consumers. Accurate audience segmentation was necessary to achieve cost efficiency in these campaigns, as we did not want to appear for any domestic repair searches if we could help it. 

We took advantage of Coreserve’s locational services and created ads that led with these important services & benefits using Google Ad’s geo customisers to maximise ad relevance. Google’s geo ad customisers are dynamic variables added to a Google Ads. The ad customisers use user location data to change the ad, based on where the user is located.  

We also designed a script that uses the weather forecast to adjust our adwords bid on fridge related keywords. When the temperature climbs above 30 degrees celsius in the cities our client services, our adwords bids are raised to increase our impression share.


  • CTRs of 21% where industry averages are closer to 10%
  • 27% increase in conversions Year on Year
  • 30% increase in conversion rates from previous period


Please feel free to email us at hello@metriclabs.com.au to see how we can help you make the most of your data.

Reminder: Google UA Historical Data to be Deleted in July 2024