Automated lead gen through chatbots: CryoClinics Australia

About the client

Cryoclinics Australia is a wellness service company within a relatively new market – cryotherapy and cryolipolysis.

The challenge

Cryotherapy services are relatively unknown in Australia. Our client is facing the dual challenge of establishing brand and product awareness. With the influx of new competitors, it was proving difficult to gain a foothold in the market. There were two immediate needs: cheaper cost per lead, and the ability to integrate lead acquisition into the sales process.

Scope of work


Paid digital marketing strategy and implementation


Campaign creation and management


Chatbot design, build and management

Our solution

In order to stand out in an overcrowded market, we decided to run a campaign that focused on customer experience, and utilised new technology that our competitors were not yet using.  We built a chatbot to acquire leads.

Including a chatbot in a holistic marketing and sales strategy required an involved setup process to integrate all parts of the clients’ marketing and sales strategy. We built a responsive conversational flow for Facebook Messenger, and implemented conversational user tracking. This allowed us to create personalised content for the user – for example, follow up prompts for appointments. Lead details were passed to the clients’ CRM and signed up to email campaigns through automated chatbot integrations. 

Using Messenger meant there was no friction in the user experience. The entire campaign was delivered on Messenger, from awareness to conversion. The client received rich data through automated processes, with no need to invest additional sales resource into this user acquisition campaign.


  • 3x Return on Ad Spend
  • 80% cheaper Cost Per Lead compared to traditional social campaigns
  • 9x better Cost Per Lead compared to the client’s in house campaigns
  • 80% follow up response rate

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