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As paid search marketers we tend to seek efficiency, if there are any repeatable manual tasks we want to ensure that the tasks are automated.

We are all guilty of forgetting to optimise Bing ads, being the second largest search engine Bing Ads may sometimes miss out on the love it deserves. It’s almost like being the second child.

Bing Ads are aware of this and have created an easy import function in their platform allowing marketers to schedule imports from Adwords.

To take advantage of this feature login to Bing ads and click on the Import campaign link on the main header.

Select “Import schedule and history”

Sign in to Adwords with your credentials and select the relevant Account under the “Choose Your Adwords Account” option

You may choose to import specific campaigns or all existing campaigns

Under the  “Schedule Imports” tab you can select your import frequency. Here you can choose from importing Now, Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.I chose weekly.

Bing Ads offers options to choose a time and day to import, time zone and a drop down to choose an email address to receive updates when the rule runs. You then have a field to insert a Name for the schedule.

To view all you import logs and edit the import schedule go to the “Import campaign“ tab on the top header and select “Import Schedule and history“

On clicking ”Import Schedule and history” you will see your import schedule and logs of previous imports

That’s all folks.

Happy analysing!

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